Maker Fun: Felt Heart Handwarmers Craft

January 30, 2019

If you are like me, you are no stranger to cold hands in the wintertime.  Despite wearing my mittens and gloves my hands just have the most difficult time warming up.  I’ve also have been known from time to time to dash out to the chicken coop forgetting my gloves.  One way that I try and fight the cold weather is by carrying these darling felt heart handwarmers in my coat pockets.  They are so simple to make. With some felt, dried lavender and rice, you too can make these.  I think they make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. You can even try stitching on messages of love if you are handy with a needle.

Felt heart hand warmer TillysNest

Felt Heart Handwarmer Supplies

Start by gathering your supplies. For these felt heart handwarmers you will need:

-Assorted colored felt
-Sewing needle and thread 
-Sewing machine (optional)
-Uncooked rice
-Dried Lavender  I dry mine from my garden each year, you can too!
-Lavender Essential Oil – for refreshing

Supply sources are provided in links above.

To make one felt heart hand warmer, begin by cutting two identical heart shapes out of your colored felt.

Next, with the needle and thread or your sewing machine, place the hearts on top of one another and stitch all the way around the heart like so, leaving the bottom open. You may temporarily pin the hearts together prior to sewing for ease of keeping them together. 

Then, combine the rice with the lavender and fill up your hearts from the bottom. Once they are full, hand stitch the bottom of the hearts closed with your needle and thread.

Try mixing up the hearts using different colored felt. These make wonderful Valentine’s Day treats for friends.

Felt heart handwarmers- Tilly's Nest

Now enjoy your felt heart handwarmers. Pop them in the microwave for 10-20 seconds and then place them in your pockets. Keep your pocket warmers from getting wet. Simply refresh the scent by applying a drop of lavender essential oil to the front and back of the felt heart handwarmer and allow it to absorb prior to use.

I originally created this craft for HGTV in 2013. For more inspiration, check out more of my crafts.  You can also use the pull down menu under crafts at the top of my blog too.  Happy Crafting!


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