Make It: Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt

December 7, 2018

I love Christmas. It’s actually one of my favorite holidays.  Each year, we spend time as a family crafting because I love creating handmade items. Some of those items are gifts while others become a part of our decorations year after year. As a result, I wanted to share how to create a new Christmas tree skirt for your home. I thought it would be fun to bring in the trendy farmhouse chic look and come up with an easy and inexpensive and easy way to pretty up the tree this year.  I had so much fun making this tree skirt that I thought you might like to make one too!

Tillys Nest Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

The Christmas tree skirt took about an hour to complete and I tried to use items that I had around the house. It all started with a large roll of burlap that I happened to have left over in the garden shed. Burlap is not expensive and can even be found at your local fabric store. It comes folded in half on a fabric bolt and typically is no more than a few dollar a yard.

To make this Christmas tree skirt, you will need 8 feet of burlap, 25 feet of velvet ribbon and 60 inches of peel and stick velcro, sewing machine and red matching thread.  Lucky for me, I even found velcro in a similar color to the burlap. That was an awesome find.

Surprisingly, there is actually very little sewing involved. I only decided to sew the velvet ribbon onto the burlap as a trim as an after thought. Sometimes when figuring out how a craft comes together, in this case I thought that I could use fabric glue for the ribbon on the burlap. Truthfully, I didn’t have great success with that. I thought that the ribbon would not adhere nicely to the burlap. If you do decide to try the fabric glue route anyway, I would allow the glue to dry overnight before assembling the skirt.

There are a few more steps to complete this tree skirt and I was so thrilled to create this beautiful tree skirt for HGTV. I just love the way it came out. It is so simple but so elegant at the same time. I love how it accents the tree and doesn’t take away from the tree’s natural beauty.

Now all that is left for us is to decorate the tree this weekend with the ornaments!  Are you doing your tree this weekend too? Does it have a theme? What are your favorite ornaments. Leave a comment below to share with me your holiday traditions. This full tutorial was made initially for HGTV but it is no longer posted on their website. It used to live here Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial on HGTV. So now, I’ve shared all the steps complete with photos below for you. Here’s a complete guide to getting started. Happy Creating

Supply Resources:

Farmhouse Inspired Tree Skirt Tutorial
Gather Your Supplies

Hre’s What You will Need:

  • Burlap
  • Velvet Ribbon
  • Velcro
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine (optional- can be hand sewn)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

All Supplies can be found in my storefront.


First, unroll the burlap, layout and create a ring like so. This will determine your final length around your tree.

Farmhouse Inspired Tree Skirt Tutorial


Trim the burlap once you know the desired length to custom fit your tree base.

Now, unroll the burlap straight on the floor. Then attach the ribbon. You can glue it and pin it in place first, then top stitch or hand sew the ribbon into place.

Farmhouse Inspired Tree Skirt Tutorial

Once the ribbon is dry and firmly attached, begin to create the ring like so by laying it out.

Farmhouse Inspired Tree Skirt Tutorial

Now, attache the velcro under each fold to keep the ring in place.

Finally, for the closure, use a few velcro strips  if needed to prevent the skirt from moving apart.


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