Giveaway: Omlet’s Qute Home for Hamsters

December 12, 2018

I’ve have had the pleasure of partnering with Omlet for the past two years. They have been such a supportive sponsor to me and also very generous with their products. One of my favorite things that I like to do for you all is to review and share their products. You can imagine my delight to find a Qute on the doorstep a few weeks ago. It is the “cutest” hamster cage that I had ever seen! I knew that it would be perfect for my daughter’s friend’s pet hamster, Hammy and I could not wait to share it with her.

Omlet Qute Hamster Cage

I wanted to surprise her. So I got to work assembling it. We were sent the Qute with the storage area, which I definitely recommend getting. The storage area is the perfect place for food, treats and other care products.

The assembly directions were clear and the only tool that I needed to provide on my end was a Phillips-head screwdriver. Assembly reminded me of an Ikea product.  The hardest part was the first part where we put together the storage area. I tried to do it alone and was unsuccessful until my daughter chipped in to hold things in place while I attached everything.  After that, it was smooth sailing, really just lining up the parts and screwing or snapping them in.

When my daughter’s friend arrived, she was super excited to show Hammy his new digs.  In he went!

It didn’t take him long to figure out where things were.

The design is beautiful. It is streamlined and makes for very easy clean up!  I love that! Growing up, my youngest sister had quite a few hamsters over the years and I remember that clean up was sometimes difficult in her hamster’s cages. Qute makes it SO easy.  First off, the area up top is where the food and the water are as well as the SILENT wheel. The upper level wipes down simply for tidying. The tube in the middle allows Hammy to move up or down in his cage depending on what he desires. It also locks in the upward position, during cleaning to keep him safe. Below that area is a deep plastic four sided box.

This box is fully removable, slides in and out and locks in place. The box moves easily from room to room for playing. It can also come apart completely for a good wash out and easy reassembly. I love that!

My daughter’s friend was so excited to take Hammy’s Qute home. She is now using it as a nightstand. What a perfect idea! This cage has plenty of room for more hamster friends too.

What I love about Omlet’s pet cages is that they blend beautifully into the surrounding home decor. You can tell that much thought and consideration has been given to that and it certainly shines through.  Thank you so much to Omlet for sending me a Qute for review.  Thank you too for offering to send one to one of my lucky readers.  Good luck and enter below to win one for your favorite furry friend!

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3 thoughts on “Giveaway: Omlet’s Qute Home for Hamsters”

    • Oh my goodness, I do hope you reach out to Omlet as your comments would probably matter most to the designers. From my own research, hamsters according to reputable guidelines require spacing ranging from 450 square inches to the 600 square inches at a minimum but certainly different breeds of hamsters are different sizes. This cage does have 2 levels and provides over 500 square inches. I hope you find this helpful and you can always leave a comment over on, but I might suggest you reach out kindly as you will find people in general respond better to honey than vinegar.

      • I’m sorry I was having a bad day when I saw this post, I realize most people say that hamsters need at least 450 square inches but with my experience dwarfs need at least 600 sq inches and syrian hamsters need at least 800 sq inches. A side note is levels don’t really count they need at least 600 UNBROKEN square inches of floor space.
        Sorry again I just get a little too passionate about proper animal care sometimes.
        Also your book is brilliant about chicken care even though i am an adult we just got 6 baby plymouth rock chicks today.

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