Grow Up: Vertical Gardening with Trellises

October 17, 2018

We’ve been in the new house for two years. As many of you know gardening is a labor of love. We brought the chicken coop over from the old house and have been slowly creating a raised bed garden adjacent to the cottage garden. One of the best way that I have found to maximize growing space is to think vertically. Taking advantage of veggies that like to climb up trellises can greatly affect your produce yields. I also love that the veggies and fruits growing on the upper portions of the trellises are far from the reaches of hungry chickens.  These obelisks were my faves this growing season and I just had to share more.

Tillys Nest- entry to vegetable garden

Over the years in gardening one of my greatest pet peeves is when the trellises simply are not tall enough for the vines to grow.  How often do you end up like me having to trellis and support the plants often feet higher than the traditional trellises height of 3-5 feet? So often the beans, cucumbers and gourds run out of room at the top.

Tillys Nest- obelisk in garden for trellis

In the garden beds, these obelisks soar to 7 feet. This provides plenty of room for vines to reach for the sky. The obelisks are easy to put together. It took me a little bit of time to figure out the exact configuration but with each one, the assembly time decreased.  Once mastered, each one took approximately 30 minutes to assemble by myself.

Tillys Nest- cucumber on trellis or obelisk

The obelisks are cedar and weather nicely to fit into the Cape Cod landscape. They are also appealing to the eyes.  Their design is quite lovely.  I think my favorite vines were the Chocolate Runner Beans.

At one point, I thought that the beans would out grow the obelisks. To my surprise, they fit perfectly!  Here they are at the height of the growing season.

I was contacted by Gardener’s Supply to do a review of the obelisks. They did not compensate me in anyway other than for the three obelisks that I received in kind.  I didn’t want to do a review until I had a complete growing season, wanted to see how they held up in the elements, if they were sturdy enough to support the weight of the fully grown vines and how they did in the high gusty winds on Cape Cod.  Lastly, how did they fit aesthetically in my cottage garden?  I am happy to share that they met all of my expectations.  To learn more about these, please visit Gardener’s Supply.


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