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June 27, 2018

Good morning folks! I sometimes feel as though I have been under a rock, but truthfully, so much as been going on.  School is out and I have two kiddos home with me and we have been having a blast planning summer fun! I have also been incredibly busy trying to get my gardens ready, as they will be on tour for this year’s Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival. I think I am almost done. We spread 15 yards of mulch last week for part of the finishing touches. If you are on Cape, maybe you can make it! In other fun and exciting news, I am collaborating on a new chicken photography book by world-renowned photographer Beth Moon called Literary Chickens.

It’s a thrill and honor to contribute an essay about about chickens in Literary Chickens. Beth captures so many gorgeous chicken breeds in her photography. I hope that my essay does justice to these gorgeous breeds. It’s so hard to convey in words sometimes what pictures can!

From one chicken lover to all of you, this book is absolutely breath-taking! A perfect addition to your library.

Literary Chickens

You can explore Literary Chickens , learn more about Beth, the book and pre-order a copy of your own.

All images in this post by Beth Moon courtesy of Abbeville Press.


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