Sweet Treat: 11 Tips for Visiting the Silos Baking Co.

March 3, 2018

I think one of the most wonderful things about visiting the Magnolia Silos has to be a stop at the Silos Baking Co. Did you know that the bakery was originally called Magnolia Flour?  The very bakery that was featured on an episode of Fixer Upper, is still delighting guests. Lines typically form and wrap around the building. If you know what to expect, it’s actually a system that is pretty efficient. The experience of course, is so gorgeous. I wish we could linger in this small space. It smells so good. Think sugar, butter and cupcakes! 

Tip #1  Make this Your First Stop

If you can, make the Silos Baking Co. one of your first stops, even possibly before going in the the marketplace. This is the best way to avoid the lines and allow yourself ample time for selection. The bakery open earlier than the rest of the shops and experiences. At the time of this publication it opens at 7:30 am.  There is free parking for the Silos on the West side of the complex.

Tip #2 You’ll Order While You Wait

Most of the items on the menu are pretty standard but there are seasonal items that change throughout the year. As you wait in line, an employee will come with a printed index card which features the items available in the bakery for that particular day. You can learn read about each cupcake, cookie and biscuit. The names are super clever and family-life inspired by the Gaines family.

Silo Baking Co Menu
Silos Baking Co. order form

Tip #3  Selections are Made Sight Unseen

Unfortunately, due to the size and popularity of the bakery, you will probably not be able to window shop for your items on the busy days. I would suggest taking a peek online if you are a visual person before heading over.

Tip #4 Gluten Free but not Allergy Friendly

If anyone in your party has allergies they do use soybean products, dairy and nut products in the bakery. However there are gluten free options.

Silos Baking Co- Tillys Nest
Cupcakes everywhere!

Tip #5  The Line Moves Quick

During our most recent trip, the line wrapped around the bakery to the beginning of the silos. From start to leaving the bakery, the entire process took around 10 minutes. Do not expect to spend a lot of time in the bakery.

Tip # 6 Exclusive Bakery Merchandise

The shelves with merchandise have some exclusives that you can only find in the bakery, so snatch them up now!

Tip #7 Grab a Beverage at the Start of the Line Inside

This is the best place to snag a bottle of water or beverage. The food trucks outside also offer beverages too.


Tip # 8 Take Advantage of the Hidden Bathroom in the Silos Baking Co.

There is a small one person bathroom located immediately to the right on the front entrance.

Tip #9 Enjoy Your Cupcakes on the Adjacent Patio

There is some seating on the side patio, but it does fill up quickly. Once again, the earlier you come the better for these sweet treats. You feel like you are in an actual episode of Fixer Upper.

Tip #10 Frosting Lovers Unite

They do not skimp on the cupcakes’ frosting! I would say they are pretty much equal frosting to equal part cake.

Tip #11  Bring Some Home

The baked goods including the cupcakes have a recommended shelf life of 48 hours. The items are packed so beautifully that you should consider ordering extras to take for friends, family or you!



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