Happenings in the Nest

February 12, 2018

This week I was down with the flu. I guess I kind of knew that it would only be a matter of time. It seems so inevitable working among ill patients. I’ve spent the greater part of the past 2 weeks in bed. At first, lying there wishing that this would all just go away and then simply too weak to care for the chickens, the dog and even the family.  Still now as I type this I still feel weak.  Yet, time is marching on, the first few signs of spring are arriving and I’ve got some exciting happenings.

Tilly's Nest Schnauzer happenings this week
Sara Jane my flu companion never left my side.

I woke up to sunlight pouring in my window earlier than normal. The days seemed to be getting longer and this confirmed it. I also heard squeals of joy the other day from the kids.  The eggs have returned.  After a long winter hiatus, the chickens are finally laying again.  Our youngest chickens are now four years old. I don’t expect them to be prolific layers, but it was nice to hear the egg-citement and talking about the recipes that they wanted to make. I think it might be time to add some chickens to our aging flock of nine. I think this flu has a given me chick fever.  The catalogues are pouring in and I’ve been a captive audience.

Happenings this week- eggs

I went outside to see the girls for the first time in over a week. Of course the chicken coop needs a good tidying but everyone seemed happy to see me and I can tell you, I sure did miss those fluffy butts!  I dusted off a 5 gallon bucket and sat there for a bit, just enjoying the fresh air. I don’t have the strength yet to do a deep cleaning and the temperatures are still so low that wiping things down will have to wait just a bit longer. The eggs though were such a nice surprise. I can hear the wild birds singing their songs too.  Songs of springtime and baby birds are on the horizon and that simply makes me happy.

garden happenings- tour for the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival
The side garden cottage garden with chicken coop.

While in bed, I’ve had plenty of time to do some online shopping and preparing for the garden. I’ve ordered some new dahlias and veggie seeds which I am super excited about and also some treats from Gardener’s Supply. This year, I am pleased to announce that my gardens will be part of the Hydrangea Festival happening on Cape Cod in July. As a Master Gardener, I’ve been part of this huge community fundraiser for non-profits on the Cape and the Islands. This will be my third year helping to organize the event with the Master Gardeners and I am thrilled to be a part of it once again.  Perhaps I’ll see you in my gardens.  Dates and times to follow.

Lastly, I’m hopping over to this weekend to the Mother Earth News Fair just north of Austin, Texas in Belton. Be sure to come on out and visit. I’ll be chatting all about my new book and sharing gardening tips for you and your flock. I’d love to meet you.

XO Melissa


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  1. I hope you feel better soon! Nothing better than a dog to be a bed buddie when you are sick! I imagine your chickens would perch with you while you recover too if given the opportunity LOL! I thought it interesting that your chickens are laying again….mine were not here in Northern CA….and then if by magic after reading your blog, there was a chicken egg this morning!


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