This Week’s Guest Interviews: How to Speak Chicken

December 8, 2017

Good morning friends! I hope you have had a fabulous week! I’m having fun doing interviews for my new book, How to Speak Chicken. It’s been super fun and awesome to connect with so many people around the country.  This week, two of those interviews went online.  I had the privilege of chatting about the chickens with Mindy Todd from my local NPR radio station. She came to the house and even got to meet the girls. 

It was a pretty chilly day and the air was crisp and everyone was molting. I think the girls were happy to know that it was a radio show and not a filmed program. Poor Olive is completely tail-less right now!  We spent a total of about a half hour chatting with and about the flock. When I listened back to the interview with the family, my husband was quick to point out that he couldn’t tell if it was me or the chickens speaking.  That made me laugh!

How to Speak Chicken interviews
Photo Credit: Granefelt, Lena

Interview 1

NPR How to Speak Chicken Interview

This week, I also had the pleasure of speaking with Michael from Off the Grid Radio. A fellow chicken keeper himself, we had a blast just chatting about how awesome chickens can be. I even taught him a few phrases to try with his flock. He was such a good sport and even did the vocalizations with me! I love it when people realize that they recognize certain sounds when I point them out. Do you recognize these common chicken vocalizations too?

Interview 2

Off the Grid News: How to Speak Chicken Interview

how to speak chicken interviews Dottie Speckles chicken

I’ve got a few more interviews coming up and will be sure to share them with all of you. Thank you too for your support with the new book. I’ve put plenty of my heart into it and I’m so thrilled for all of your messages, emails and letters sharing your thoughts on the book. I’ll be sure to keep sharing these chicken sounds and fascinating information with you all and I hope you too are learning lots about your flock. I know I did when I wrote the book.


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