Get Creative: Wintery Ice Skates Wreath

December 13, 2017

This week, I’m sharing my latest craft for DIY Network. I absolutely love shopping for all things vintage. A few weeks ago, I was at a holiday sale run by the talented ladies from Burlap and Buoys. One of my favorite vendors, had a metal bin full of old worn ice skates. I took a peek inside a white pair of ice skates. They were a size eight. A wee too small for my feet, but perfect for a wintery transformation. These ice skates would be the perfect way to add winter New England charm to the garden shed door. I’m so thrilled at how this ice skate wreath came together.

ice skates turned into wreath

With a pair of garden snippers, I gathered greens from the woods to fill the ice skates. My friend across town, has some beautiful winter berry bushes in her backyard, so I paid her a visit too. It’s nice to share things growing in our yards and gardens year round. Pinecones happily drop to the ground these days. I scooped some of those up from my Mom’s yard. Hers were perfect and free!

Here I combined juniper, spruce, fir, cedar with the berries and pinecones. If you don’t have access to greenery, try visiting a local garden center or even offer to take the discarded branches from the local Christmas tree lot. Many times they will happily give you cut branches.

Another cost saving tip is to up-cycle things that last more than one season from past years creations. I always remove things from worn wreath and outside decor at the end of the season. This includes bows, pinecones and other decorative items. This helps me to save money and re-use favorite pieces. For the full step-by-step photo tutorial, please visit my Ice Skate Wreath post.  Happy Holidays!

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