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Omlet Chicken Fencing Giveaway for Your Flock

This past spring, one of my newest sponsors, Omlet, sent me one of their chicken fencing kits. Having moved to a new place with more predators and more areas for the girls to get into trouble, they quickly realized that they had a solution to one of my very essential problems. Despite supervising their free-ranging, I was yearning for a way to keep my girls contained in a single area while I could continue to work in the yard nearby.  My problem was solved when their fencing arrived on my doorstep.

chicken fencing Tilly's Nest
The fencing blends seamlessly into the surroundings.

The fencing arrived in a relatively small box. The fencing itself required some assembly. My goal was to wrap the fencing around the back of the coop and connect it to the small fenced in portion of my yard. Assembly went quickly and only required a screwdriver. The directions were very simple and easy to understand. I put it together all on my own. The fence is very versatile. It can be designed into the shape of your liking. It is around 4 feet tall and even comes with a mini-makeshift gate to easily access the area if you choose to create a completely enclosed area. A number of small metal stakes help to anchor the panels to the ground.

We have used this fencing for over 8 weeks now. I do not take it down and have in fact also enclosed my veggie garden in the area as well. It has worked incredibly well. Smaller critters are blocked by tighter netting at the bottom of the fencing verses the top portion. Initially, we had a few “bigger” nocturnal critters come in and get trapped. They seemed to have clambered over. The only trace they left was the fence was leaning down in some areas.  The good news is that was short lived. Those night time animals quickly learned to simply go around. We have had an occasional nibble at the fencing from wildlife without great damage. It has been out in rain storms and wind storms and is still in near perfect condition.

The poultry fencing wraps around the back of the chicken coop to enclose the entire area.

My favorite things about Omlet’s Chicken Fencing:

  • Love the green color that blends into the natural scenery
  • Thrilled with the quality of this fencing
  • My chickens have not attempted to fly over
  • Ease of assembly and moving it out of the way for mowing the lawn
  • Pleased the chickens are a bit safer from daytime predators that come through the yard. It’s one more layer of protection.

The fence does not claim to be predator proof. It is not electrified but I do believe that it would give me a few extra moments to get my flock to safety as a potential predator figures out the best way in. We only give the girls access to the area when we are out with them.

I always wait a while when trying out new products because I want to be sure that they are something that I use in my own yard and garden. I have found myself asking why I waited so long to try a poultry fencing. Now I bet you are too!  One of you are going to win this same chicken fencing (138 feet) for your flock.  Enter below! You can learn more about the fencing here.

Retail value: $200.00 USD.

poultry fencing Tilly's Nest
Free-ranging with my daughter. She carries a small rake to redirect the girls away from off-limit plantings.

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