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Omlet Chicken Fencing Giveaway for Your Flock

This past spring, one of my newest sponsors, Omlet, sent me one of their chicken fencing kits. Having moved to a new place with more predators and more areas for the girls to get into trouble, they quickly realized that they had a solution to one of my very essential problems. Despite supervising their free-ranging, I was yearning for a way to keep my girls contained in a single area while I could continue to work in the yard nearby.  My problem was solved when their fencing arrived on my doorstep.

chicken fencing Tilly's Nest
The fencing blends seamlessly into the surroundings.

The fencing arrived in a relatively small box. The fencing itself required some assembly. My goal was to wrap the fencing around the back of the coop and connect it to the small fenced in portion of my yard. Assembly went quickly and only required a screwdriver. The directions were very simple and easy to understand. I put it together all on my own. The fence is very versatile. It can be designed into the shape of your liking. It is around 4 feet tall and even comes with a mini-makeshift gate to easily access the area if you choose to create a completely enclosed area. A number of small metal stakes help to anchor the panels to the ground.

We have used this fencing for over 8 weeks now. I do not take it down and have in fact also enclosed my veggie garden in the area as well. It has worked incredibly well. Smaller critters are blocked by tighter netting at the bottom of the fencing verses the top portion. Initially, we had a few “bigger” nocturnal critters come in and get trapped. They seemed to have clambered over. The only trace they left was the fence was leaning down in some areas.  The good news is that was short lived. Those night time animals quickly learned to simply go around. We have had an occasional nibble at the fencing from wildlife without great damage. It has been out in rain storms and wind storms and is still in near perfect condition.

The poultry fencing wraps around the back of the chicken coop to enclose the entire area.

My favorite things about Omlet’s Chicken Fencing:

  • Love the green color that blends into the natural scenery
  • Thrilled with the quality of this fencing
  • My chickens have not attempted to fly over
  • Ease of assembly and moving it out of the way for mowing the lawn
  • Pleased the chickens are a bit safer from daytime predators that come through the yard. It’s one more layer of protection.

The fence does not claim to be predator proof. It is not electrified but I do believe that it would give me a few extra moments to get my flock to safety as a potential predator figures out the best way in. We only give the girls access to the area when we are out with them.

I always wait a while when trying out new products because I want to be sure that they are something that I use in my own yard and garden. I have found myself asking why I waited so long to try a poultry fencing. Now I bet you are too!  One of you are going to win this same chicken fencing (138 feet) for your flock.  Enter below! You can learn more about the fencing here.

Retail value: $200.00 USD.

poultry fencing Tilly's Nest
Free-ranging with my daughter. She carries a small rake to redirect the girls away from off-limit plantings.

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  • Becky Partan

    The fence I am using now is not user friendly. I would love to win this fence. It would make my girls happy, too. 🙂

  • Kim Collins Hunt

    Looks like a handy product-I could use some portable fencing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Amy Sanchez

    I could keep the hens off the patio and finally have a poop free patio. My husband will be happy.

  • Laura Stark

    Keeping my chickens away from my landscaping and giving them a safe area to scratch/free roam!!!

  • P.l. Forgash

    I am so glad you brought this up and are giving us a chance to win this fencing! I like what I see, and even more what you have to say about it. Thank you!

  • Candace Geary

    We back up to woods. We have done what we can, but a fence like this would be peace of mind, on top of what we have already done.

  • Sandy Rees

    This fencing would be a great help in getting our chickens on grass. We would love to win this giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Marina Palencia Spooner

    I totally need fencing like this. This looks so natural and perfect for my yard. My girls keep escaping my makeshift fence 😛

  • Frank Marabate

    This would be great for adding another layer of protection for the chickens

  • Kathy Bopp

    Love how it blends in!

  • Peggi McFeeters Mitchell

    I would have to keep a close eye on my girls with this fence as they would be over it in a heartbeat. My girls can easily clear 5′.

  • Kathy Slesinski Peters

    This sounds like a great option! We have some leghorns who are of the mindset that they can go wherever they want!

  • Cathy Craig

    Nice fencing.

  • Roxann Brouwer

    I love my chickens and would like to keep them safe while freeranging!!

  • denise

    We could use the extra help of the fencing….. Free ranging here can cover 2-4 acres …. Kind of far afield!!! Lol

  • Noelle Cleverly

    I would love the fencing to put around our fruit BTE garden, the the girls could work the chips and weeds for me!

  • Pam

    I have two Rooster’s that like to go off by themselves. It would be great to have them contained so I know where they are. It’s also nice that you can pick it up and move it around. Thank you for drawing my attention to this product and for the great giveaway.

  • Celeste Ferguson Flynn

    Perfect timing finding this post! My daughter is about to lose her mind over the daily chicken invasions in her fairy garden 🙂 It would be awesome to keep the pooping on the patio to a minimum as well!

  • Lindsay

    Thank you for addressing the lawn mowing! Now I can report that a fence does not interfere with lawncare. And I love the option for opening the gate to enter. Sounds amazing!

  • I love that it’s a green color and will blend in with natural foliage, and also that it’s a high quality product.

  • Vicki Meyer

    I too would like a way to keep the girls in a specific location while working in the yard. This fencing sounds like a good way to accomplish this and keep them safer.

  • This looks like a fantastic solution to allow the hens to range a bit further while staying safe….

  • TXchickmum

    -perfect solution for temporarily keeping the flock away from new plantings, while allowing them to enjoy foraging on the lawn and in the mature gardens.

  • Mary Murray

    While our girls have an enclosed run, this looks like the ideal solution to keep them safe and yet out with us while we’re tending to the garden or just relaxing at the end of the day!

  • Anna Pinkham

    Great giveaway!

  • Melissa Bullington McNabb

    Love this. Thanks for giving people the opportunity to win!! Our girls always get into out garden. This would be great to give them their own space.

  • Anna Pry

    looks like i could easily set it up and it fades nicely into the background

  • Melissarae

    What a great giveaway!

  • Joy Duerden

    Oh man! This is the answer I’ve been looking for to get my chicks grazing when I’m in my garden! Thank you!

  • Jenn

    this is awesome!!! so need this! thanks for sharing! <3

  • Tami Vance

    Would love to win!

  • Leela

    It’s good for keeping chickens safe.

  • Stacy

    We already have our garden fenced off but this is a great idea to keep the chicken zones adjustable. Plus, a way to keep our puppy safely in his own area.

  • Mindy Slater

    Thus fence is way more attractive with what I am using to keep the chickens out of the veggies!

  • Lorrene

    I learning about a new product. Thanks for sharing!

  • Barb

    easy to set up and move.

  • Rust

    What makes me most excited is thinking of my sister and how excited she would be to have this!

  • Lin

    I like that I would be able to manage this fencing on my own.

  • Melissa Rosin

    I like that it seems lightweight/easy to move around – might be good for mobile applications!

  • Kelsi Bradley

    This sounds perfect for our new set up. We converted a barn shed into a coop but it backs up to our neighbors yard and the chicks love to run straight back there to her trees and forage. I love that it would blend in to the surroundings.

  • Pat H. Otto

    Looking forward to your new book, “How to Speak Chicken”; I pre-ordered it from Amazon. I love Omlet products! I purchased a Cube in late May for my flock of 5 which arrived 2 weeks later. I purchased a used Eglu Go Up and 4 more chickens in early July. Will be introducing the 2 flocks to each other in another week or two. The fence would greatly facilitate having 1 flock vs 2 in individual runs. Have had nothing but excellent service from Omlet. I consider this a great choice for someone new to chicken keeping.

  • Jess B

    I’m so glad I found this post! I lost one of my ladies this week while they were free ranging. It broke my heart when she didn’t come home and I feel terribly guilty about it. My girls have a nice sized secured run but nothing compares to having their freedom. However, I’ve been too worried to let the remainder of my flock out of my sight and have been contemplating building a bigger run. Omlet’s fencing seems like it would give my flock a little more freedom while keeping them safely close by. It would be a much cheaper and less hassle than building a new pen.

  • coupcrazy

    I love that your chickens haven’t attempted to fly over it. I need something like to protect my garden from the girls.

  • korin

    love how it blends in with the landscape and that the chickens don’t try to fly over.

  • Carol Durusau

    It will keep the chickens out of the garden

  • Karen Simon Peterson

    It’s a barrier to keep the girls in and our cats, and other critters out.

  • Dar Bona

    It’s great to add a layer of protection for the girls! (And boys!)

  • Bonnie Miller

    This would be good protection for my girls. It looks really secure.

  • Jen Miller

    This would be great to keep the chickens contained while I’m working in the garden. It’s just a little peace of mind to know that they’re not wandering off into the woods!

  • michelle d

    it would keep my pastured hens in my yard, and not in my neighbor’s flower beds LOL

  • Sara Plese

    It looks really nice, and it would save me the $200 bucks!

  • Rebecca Ashley

    It would keep the girls safe while I’m working in the yard and would keep them out of areas I don’t want them!

  • ckkat

    This past spring and early summer we had a horrible situation with a fox and her three kuts. We list about 30 of our flock before we finally got control if the situation. It was so heartbreaking. We love free ranging our flock but this would keep them a bit safer.

  • Jozy Waisanen

    I love how this adds secure free ranging time!

  • I love that it looks so easy to work with and adds a secure “free range” area for the girls.

  • rileygirl

    This would be a great addition in keeping an eye on my feathered friends!

  • Valerie Carpenter

    It would be wonderful to give my chicks more room to run around.

  • Al Gamari

    I could keep my hens confined to a certain area while I am working outside!

  • Melissa Jesberg

    I could let my birds range a bit again!

  • Deanna

    Excited for the girls to have more space to “free range” !! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  • Leah Ann Suggs

    First off, I am so excited that I stumbled upon this post! I did not realize that there were so many people that were interested in chickens! My mom and dad always had chickens when we were growing up. I had always been interested in them but as I got married and had children and moved into the city I myself no longer had chickens. When I met my husband, his mother was a collector of eggs. She always had a basket of glass eggs on her table. When I had asked her about them she had explained to me how they used to “trick” the hens into laying eggs by putting a glass egg underneath one. That was absolutely fascinating to me! Since then, I have been an avid collector of eggs, egg holders, real eggs, marble eggs or anything that has to do with the eggs! So you could see why stumbling across this site would be so interesting to me! I truly never thought there was someone that loved eggs and chickens the way that I did! I’m so excited! And the pictures that you take Tilly, are absolutely beautiful! I did notice that the giveaway for July had already been picked. How often do you have these giveaways and how long are they posted for? I was also wondering if any one saved any of their eggs? I know how to blow out the eggs and clean out the inside so they don’t smell and was wondering if anyone would be interested in shipping me some of the more powerful or interesting ones? Of course I’d be willing to pay for postage. I hope everyone has a wonderful night and I hope I found a new set of friends that are interested in chickens and eggs as much as I am! Because around here, I am the only person that I know that is crazy about eggs! Thanks a lot! Leah

  • Julie A Angle

    We use snow fencing. A bit cumbersome to keep from falling if not staked properly, but seems to work well.

    • That’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing it with our community!