Make An Embroidered Pet Silhouette

February 28, 2017

I was on assignment for DIY Network this past week. We’re celebrating Pet Love and what better way to show you care than to create a gorgeous pet silhouette of my editor’s pug. I’ve worked the past 6 years with the same editor at Scripps Network. She is amazing and super fun and has the most darling dog named Oskar. I wanted to surprise her with a keepsake. So, I asked here what were her favorite colors and got to work. Of course, she had to know what I was up to when I asked for a profile photo. 

My mother taught my sisters and I how to embroider when we were little. We started with those hook rugs and moved on up. Embroidery has always been a fascination of mine. I think because of the beauty and simplicity of the stitching. I can remember making my first french knot and feeling so proud!   I am so thankful to be able to pass these skills on to my kids.

Embroidered pet silhouette tillys nest

The silhouette was pretty easy to transfer to the paper using embroidery tracing paper. With an ink pen and a firm hand, it came together in no time at all.

Can you see the resemblence? What a cutie!

I enjoy making silhouettes of my animals from all sorts of mediums. Embroidery ones though are kinda my favorite. They are so easy and so much fun that I have even created them for my chickens, bees and yes, even inspiration from the garden. You can use the embroidery hoop as a hanger for the wall or embellish pillows, pillowcases, dish towels or even your favorite denim jacket.

I enjoy doing these smaller embroidery crafts with my family. For me, it took only a couple of hours. The project is not too long or complicated and uses simple stitches. I especially am grateful that the kids can feel accomplished and chose to pursue more difficult embroidery projects later.

If you are interested in making a personalized embroidered  pet silhouette keepsake like this one, please visit my full tutorial on the DIY Network.


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