Blizzard Niko Visits the Chicken Coop

Blizzard Niko
The day after the Blizzard Niko. I’m always amazed at how brilliant the sun shines on days after the storms. It’s now just beginning to rise.

We have had quite the weather this past week. Two days ago Blizzard Niko hit the East Coast and Cape Cod- where we call home. We lost power during the middle of the storm and that night among candlelight and flashlights, we had a simple family dinner consisting of cereal and peanut butter sandwiches. The snow was wet and heavy mixed with rain and the winds were whipping. Trees and power lines were down. As we prepared to go to sleep for the evening, we bundled up. It was 15 degrees F. outside and inside we had already dropped to 55 degrees F. We hunkered down for the night and the unknown.

At 2 am I woke to the joy of warm abundant air blowing through the heating vents. Thankfully, the power had been restored. The next morning I could not wait to get out and see the chickens and how they did in the storm. My greatest fear was that their water was frozen solid. Even though the girls have a heated waterer, I did not want to have to thaw out that big ole jug that I had refilled the night before. A five gallon frozen block of ice would have been the pits. Out I journeyed…

Surprisingly, everyone had “weathered” Blizzard Niko just fine. Although, they do dread stepping onto that darn white stuff!  The feel such an urge to fly over it. Eventually, I raked a path of dirt for them.

Going into the weekend, we find ourselves now bracing for the next blizzard to hit Sunday afternoon into Monday evening. I sure hope we don’t lose power again. Last night, we got about 4 more inches of snow– light and fluffy and wonderfully beautiful.  The girls laid four eggs for us and one was still warm.

Still warm and wet with the bloom (in my dust covered hands from tossing scratch in their run).

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