DIY: Miniature Chicken Garden

January 13, 2017

Oh winter, how do I miss my gardens and hanging outside with my flock as they meander around me. Today, instead of feeling glum, I decided to make a miniature chicken garden. Actually, I got a bit carried away and made a few. Once I got started I could not help myself.  As I planted up these sweet little gardens, I was envisioning being in my gardens with my own flock. I swear I could here these tiny little chickens carrying on, clucking as to which garden they wanted to explore.

Miniature Chicken Garden

If you’d like to make your miniature chicken garden, here’s what you will need:

  • small 4 inch pot
  • potting soil
  • Small pebbles
  • plants
  • chicken figurine


First fill your pot with some potting soil. Then plant your plants. A good potting soil mix is all that you need.

I chose to use some succulent cuttings that I had taken from my succulents in the fall. I had plenty. Fairy garden plantings are perfect for these gardens too and are available at your local garden center, even during the winter if you are lucky.

Add more soil after planting your plants and smooth out the top.

Then add some small pebbles to the garden to give it a finished look. These pebbles will also help to slow down your garden from drying out too, especially during the winter.

Then the tough part, figuring out which chicken figurine should go in each little garden. Tuck them it to the small pebbles and then let your imagination go. Can’t you just see them scratching about and clucking away? If you can’t take the cute factor, then make more than one. How darling would these look perched on a bright sunny windowsill looking out into your garden?

Over time, these plants will fill in the planters.

I’ve kept a few home, but also am bringing a few to the Poultry Congress this weekend.

If you’d like to purchase one, I’ll see you there.

You can also purchase a kit for a miniature chicken garden here.


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  1. These look incredible! Will definitely try some of these with my daughters over christmas time, they will love it. Thanks for the article! Showed my daughter and she said it looked like little trees in a chicken garden. Love it.


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