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6th Annual Hug a Chicken Day Celebration

Wow!  It is hard to believe that six years ago I started this event. It seems like yesterday that I was down in Manhattan with the folks from Country Living Magazine . They encouraged me to start a Facebook page for Tilly’s Nest and enter the realm of social media.  Soon after I started my account, I realized how many chicken lovers were out there. It wasn’t long until I decided to create an event celebrating how wonderful chickens can be on so many levels. There was already a world egg, day but what about those girls that laid them? Chicken hugs are the best. It seemed natural to encourage folks to take a day to honor and thank their flock by sharing a chicken hug with them.  Now in our 6th year, I hope to see over 1000 chicken hugs on the Hug a Chicken Day Facebook event page. You are all invited to join us from your very own backyard. Simply post a photo on the event page and enter all these amazing giveaways from the sponsors of this year’s event. With their generosity, you can enter to treat your flock and you too. It is through their generosity that we are able to make this event what it is!  So take a peek at all these amazing giveaways below and for goodness sakes, give your girls a hug from me!

Celebrate Chicken Hugs!

2016 Official Hug a Chicken Day Merchandise Design


From customizable colored tee shirts, totes, mugs, clutches, and artwork, treat yourself with this special promo. Follow this link for $5 off your order and free worldwide shipping until midnight PST on 11/6/16.

A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens- signed copy


Enter to win a copy of my award winning book. I’ll even personalize it for you if you like. If you’d like to purchase a signed copy from me click on the button to the right or check it out on Amazon.

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3 Pounds of Chubby Mealworms


Enter to win a 3 pound tub of Chubby Mealworms from our friends at Chubby Mealworms.

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Tin Sign from Chicken Art


The amazingly talented artist Sarah Hudock of Chicken Art has donated this fun and Chickens Playing Poker sign. Her tin signs are beautiful, durable, weatherproof and  suitable for hanging outdoors on the chicken coop, your barn, or your house. Pretty enough to hang inside your home. Scratch resistant. Will not rust, warp, or fade. Corners are rounded and holes are already drilled for easy hanging. Made in the USA. Sign measures 18.25″ wide x 10.75″ tall.

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Incredible Egg Scale from


Available from, The Incredible Egg Scale is a top of the line, grade A, solid steel scale for small farm or home use. It’s vintage design will make an excellent addition to your home/kitchen decor. Weighs egg sizes: Peewee through X-Large eggs in both grams and ounces.

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Fluffy Layers- Cosmetic Bag


Tara Grier, the creative genius from Fluffy Layers has all you need to outfit your farmgirl lifestyle. From her Egg Aprons, Harvest Aprons, and Kid Aprons, to her new Home and Textile products, they add a touch of farm and garden gorgeous to your life, no matter your lifestyle because after all, there is a farm girl in all of us! Enter below to win this darling cosmetic bag.

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Chicken Swing and Love Bug Treats



Jenny from Fowl Play Products spent years designing and creating the perfect boredom buster for your backyard flock, The Chicken Swing! Enter to win a swing for your flock and some Love Bug Treats– the perfect snack for training your chickens.

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Nutrena Chicken Feed Coupons


For over 85 years, Nutrena has been helping people raise healthy poultry with our wholesome, nutritious feeds. Enter to win a bag of your choice of poultry feed from their entire poultry feed line.

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Nite Guard Solar Lights and Repellent Tape

nite-guard-solar-product-photo nite-guard-repellent-tape-product-photo

Practically since the I started keeping chicken, I have relied on these Solar Nite Guards to keep my flock safe. They last for years and work without you having to lift a finger. they are completely automatic, so you can set them up and forget about them. For more information visit Solar Nite Guard.  Enter to win 4 Solar Nite Guards for your coop and roll of Repellent Tape.

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Henny and Roo Hug a Chicken Day Box


This exclusive Henny & Roo November Bonus Box contains a handmade hen saddle/feather protector; a 12 oz. bag of Pumpkin Party! Chicken Treats made with Chubby Mealworms, hulled pumpkin seeds, and cracked corn; a 3 oz. bag of Henny & Roo Nesting Box Herbs, a 4 oz. soy candle, and a set of 6 hen gift tags.

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Difficult Chickens- signed copy from Sarah Rosedahl


Enter to win a copy of the most amazing chicken themed coloring book for adults. This book is fun and whimsical and great fun for all ages.

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Happy Hen Treats


Treat your flock to this 5 Pound Bag Mealworm Frenzy from our friends at Happy Hen Treats. They’re also running a fabulous Hug a Chicken Day special! Enjoy 20% off your order from Happy Hen Treats when you enter the promo code “HUG” 11/5-11/6

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Lay or Bust Care Kit


Check out this fun kit from our friends at My Pet Chicken. The Lay or Bust Kit includes: 20 assorted egg cartons (at least 4 different colors, our choice), Omega Ultra Egg supplement, 4.5 lbs, Egg cleaning wipes and a Stainless egg collection basket (exclusively theirs!)

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Purina Poultry T Shirts

unnamed-7 unnamed-8

Share your love of your flock with those around you with one of these Purina Poultry’s exclusively designed t-shirts perfect for the backyard chicken keeper. Choose from “A Fresh Difference” or “Chicks Rule”.

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Treats for Chickens Hug a Chicken Day Box


Treats for Chickens created this exclusive box just for our special day. It includes one- 1lb 13oz bag of Certified Organic Pumpkin Seed Snacks, one- 5oz bag of Certified Organic Nesting Box Blend, one- 2lb bag of Certified Organic Cluck’n Sea Kelp, one- Run Replacer Certified Organic Seed Packet and one- Chick’n Greens Certified Organic Seed Packet.

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Fowl Play Chicken Dress and Diaper Set and Love Bug Treats


3love-bug-treats-300-dpi-4x7For those of you that love dressing up your chickens, check out this darling dress and diaper combination set. You’ll also receive these delicious Love Bug Treats perfect for training your chickens. A fun alternative to the traditional protective aprons.

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Chicken Fountain- Brooder Bottle Caps


Enter to win a set of Brooder Bottle Caps from the Chicken Fountain. The best way to keep your little ones’ water clean!

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1840 Farm Egg Collecting Basket


Enter to win a small fabric egg collecting basket. From a beautiful farmhouse in Vermont, Jen, from 1840 Farm handcrafts each and every basket. Each one is an original work of art and the perfect way for harvesting your eggs. This is Small Egg Basket #0956 which was handmade on July 9, 2016. This basket features a bright and cheerful color palette with fabrics in purple, pink, cream, and multiple shades of green accented by buttercream colored zigzag stitching. This basket was made using snippets from two previous projects, joining each length together as it was shaped and stitched. The result is a truly one of a kind basket with a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors. The finished size of this basket is approximately 4 inches high and has a top diameter of 9 inches. Our small egg basket is sized to safely transport six to eight large eggs fresh from your coop.

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Once Fired Jewelry


Enter to win this gorgeous necklace from Once Fired Jewelry that features a silver nickel-plated 357 magnum shell pendant with a peace sign bail and amethyest Swarovski stone. It hangs on a silver plated chain with a chicken charm.

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Rent the Chicken T Shirt

Considering keeping chickens but don’t want to commit? Rent them! Enter below to win a t-shirt from Rent The Chicken.

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