Halloween Fun: Tricks and Treats

October 24, 2016

I love celebrating Halloween with my kids. Both of my kids do not enjoy being spooked with scary masks or things that go bump in the night, but rather they enjoy the more whimsical side of Halloween. This year, we were especially lucky that my editor at DIY Network had kid-friendly Halloween crafts in mind and our friends at Shari’s Berries sent along a treat to top off our day of crafting. It was a fun day filled with tricks and treats.

DIY Spider Webs


First up, we were challenged to create a fake spider nest complete with fake hatching spiders. The goal was to create a nest that did not involve the use of glue. This way, the nest could weather outside no matter the rain, winds or even early snow that fell upon it. We dreamed it up and made this creepy nest with thick white yarn from the craft store and fake webbing. It turned out perfect, a perfect trick for unexpected visitors.


We even spooked our friends with this nest. With his back turned, he bumped right into it. I wish you could have seen his face!  It was priceless. I think we are going to make a few more of these to place in the most unexpected spots both inside and out. My poor husband, he doesn’t like spiders one bit.  What a trooper!

Slime Time



Next up, we decided to make some homemade slime. Not just any slime, but slime that you could add bugs, eyeballs, and even your very own coloring to. We had a few friends over and got to work creating the most ghoulish and creepiest slime you can imagine.


One batch, consisted of orange and purple glitter with fake black spiders.

original_caughey-melissa-slime10Another one, was this light brown colored filled with plastic cockroaches. It was so gross! The boys were thrilled with it. Why am I not surprised.


Sweet Treats

After we played with the slime, it was time to take a break and have a sweet treat.  Our friends at Shari’s Berries, sent along a care package with a little something for everyone.


One of my favorite treats of all time is a good caramel apple. These hit the spot!  They were perfect. The apples were crisp and the caramel was so perfect topped with candies and nuts. I sliced them off the sticks and put them on plates so everyone could get a sampling.


The kids loved these darling iced cookies. I liked them because they were not overly sweet.


Last up we enjoyed the assortment of chocolate covered strawberries.

For the full crafting tutorials of these tricks, please check out my posts for the spider nests and the slime on DIY Network.

Disclosure: We received these treats complimentary from Shari’s Berries, but the opinions are all our own.


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