Flock Mentality: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

September 14, 2016

I’ve been giving a lot of thought this week to our beautiful country. The anniversary of September 11th was earlier this week. I was saddened to see so many of those images and stories that had been burnt into my mind resurface. There is so much palpable pain that still lingers on in the lives of so many. I also remember the one positive thing that came from the ashes, the melting pot we call America had never been so united. We came together as brothers and sisters. We showed a solid front and for a while, it seemed as though the good in everyone came shining through. Unfortunately, it was fleeting. Fifteen years later, I think to myself, how did we become so divided on so many issues these days? Like usual, this week, I looked to the flock for answers. I wanted them to share their wisdom.

Chickens have roamed this earth for thousands of years and all throughout history the one thing that has remained consistent within these flocks is order. This order is also accompanied by trust and respect. It is these three things that have allowed chickens to survive and thrive for generations.

All backyard chicken flocks have a pecking order. It is this order where each chicken has a role. Once established, it usually remains without interruption unless chickens are added or removed. This order is essential to the flock’s survival. The pecking order is important because with this order comes trust between the chickens for one another and also respect. These two things are alive and well in the chicken world but no so much in the people world. These days everyone seems filled with mis-trust, disbelief, disappointment, and discouragement. People are easily provoked and ready to engage.


Our country has lost our flock mentality. We are divided on just about every issue you can think of and those who have the power to help us unite, love to throw fuel on the fire. Its is not  us against them. We are all one flock of humanity. We must get along. Agree to compromises. Remember the less fortunate and learn to be able to rely on one another in our times of need. Today there are more  “I”s, “Me”s, “Us” and “Them”s verse “We”s that should be flowing from our essence.

Our flock needs to heal. We need to pick our leaders and know that they make decisions based on the greater good of the flock. The flock needs to be represented. We need to learn to trust again.  Just as when we introduce a new chicken to the flock, I think it all starts in our own backyards. It starts with all of us. Go meet that neighbor who you always wave to as you drive by. It starts by volunteering in our local communities and making a difference for those less fortunate. It starts by sharing our passions, skills and talents with one another. It starts with lending an ear. It starts by building up those around us.

Like a spiderweb, the weaves of kindness will begin to spread and touch our fellow neighbors. We need to take care of our smaller flocks to reach the bigger flock of humanity. We are not meant to go through life alone in a world full of selfies.  We depend on one another of our own psyche, health and well-being, just like chickens. We need one another.

So today, put aside your differences and try to make a difference or two to those around you. Sometimes, it’s as simple as agreeing to disagree and move on. Life is simply too short to carry on with so much strife. We are all in this together.



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