Country Living Fair- Ohio 2016

September 19, 2016

This past weekend, I had a fantastic time presenting at the Country Living Fair in Ohio. I shared my love of keeping bees, chickens and gardening with the audience. I also got to meet many of you in person, signing books. For those of you that couldn’t make it, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things that I discovered at the fair. I find these so inspiring and I hope you do too. I have loved the magazine for years and the best way to describe attending one, is that the pages of the magazine come to life.


Each year, there is always this incredible pumpkin tower. The tower is created from assorted squash, gourds and pumpkins perched strategically on hay bales. This such a clever idea. The pumpkins tower over me. This is always one of my first stops.

original_caughey-melissacaughey-country-living-fair-ohio-2016-4 Country Living Fair

This is the calm before the storm on Main Street. Before the fair has opened, everyone is putting the finishing touches on their booths selling their wares.


This year, they had these gorgeous rustic frames filled with succulents. I think they were probably growing all season, just waiting to make their debut this past weekend.


I get inspired by all these sweet boxes, trays and fun metal bins. Having moved into a new house with two kiddos, I am always looking for storage ideas that are outside the box.



Talented artisans, including quilters, always impress me. I love the way these pattern all coordinate. I always say that it takes a talented eye to make amazing combinations like these.


I also love the booths that up-cycle old wood into new things. These stars keep growing on me. I think I will need to pick one up at the Rhinebeck fair next June. I can drive to that one!


I don’t know why but this unassuming basket filled with needle holding tomatoes struck a cord with me. I think it is so simple and beautiful.


I loved this quote too. It reminded me of my hubby.



Fair food is abundant. I was so glad that I finally tried this corn cake that was filled with BBQ pork, corn salsa, slaw and sauce.


Beautiful planters are everywhere you look. The fair puts these together including hundreds of other fresh floral arrangements just for the weekend. There are so many talented people that help make this fair run.

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How pretty and simple is this display of white pumpkins in a rustic wheelbarrow?



 Click here to watch my succulent demonstration and DIY tutorial for Country Living Magazine.

I’m hitting the road again this Wednesday for a special ribbon cutting ceremony and then off the the Mother Earth News Fair in PA. Then later in October, I’ll be at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta, GA. I hope to meet some of you on my fall adventures. XO- Melissa


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