A Berry Sweet Pom Pom Craft

July 30, 2016

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I used to love making pom poms as a little girls with my Mom. We would sit there for hours making them and putting them on hats, scarves and afghans that she knitted throughout the year. I was always intrigued with the “magic” of how the pom poms and tassels would come together. I’d watch her intensely, committing the techniques to memory in my seven year old mind. I can still “see” her working the yarn in her hands and fingers if I close my eyes. This past week, I decided to share my love of pom poms with my daughter.  She absolutely adores strawberries. So with that as our inspiration, we turned her favorite fruit into a sweet fluffy, bouncy ball of red and green strawberry pom pom for her backpack. I created a cardboard template that worked well with with her small hands and in no time we ended up with a dotted red pom pom ready for quite a hair cut.

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We had to trim up this pom pom and shape it into a rounded strawberry. The top of the pom pom is a bit wider than the bottom. The green yarn looks just like seeds doesn’t it? For the leaf topper, we cut a bit of green felt. This helped to complete the look. When we finished, she couldn’t wait to put this cutie on her backpack.  No sooner had she grabbed a pad of paper and decided to list all the friends who she wanted to make one for. We have quite a strawberry pom poms factory at our home now. I can’t wait for her to share these with her friends.

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