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July 8, 2016

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I turned everything off today. The television, social media and unplugged.  I decided to take the kids and get a breath of fresh air and visit the neighbors. With eggs in tow, we decided to slow down and visit with the neighbors. We decided to spread joy.

Remember when…

You had no cell phone and it was okay for people to wait for you to return their call.

You could ride your bike with the neighborhood kids and safely get lost for hours on purpose.

Every adult paid attention to you like they were the eyes of your parents and you respected them.

You were good enough just the way you are.

Life wasn’t based on instant gratification.

You created your own happiness and it included the ups and downs of life that we all have.

We didn’t take pictures of everything.

We lived in only the moment and the company of those around us.

When the news was presented without opinion or spin added to enrage, upset or instigate.

When there was no such thing as selfies.

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I look to my flock to show us the simpler ways of life. Ways that we are all guilty of forgetting these days.

Unplug, chickens don’t carry IPHONES.

Love one another despite the coloring of their feathers.

You will have disputes but at the end of the day, stop pecking at one another, we need each other to exist. Humans like chickens are flocks. We are a flock of humanity.

Love your children and accept them for who they are. Nourish and foster them into productive, responsible and compassionate adults.

Take time to enjoy a good dust bath.

Sometimes, the best things in life are the little ones, like a found bug or a wee seed.

Don’t go to bed angry.

A flock that roosts together protects and keeps one another warm at night.

Live in the moment.

Life is perfectly imperfect. Embrace your flaws, missing feathers, unkept house and clutter. For goodness sakes, chickens poop in their “bedroom”!

Greet strangers without apprehension. It helps when you come bearing treats.

Share things that are free- smiles, hugs, gestures of kindness and meals.

Don’t forget those less fortunate than you. We could all end up there in an instant.

Teach your children right from wrong.

Not everyone can be the hen at a the top of the pecking order. Be okay with where you are in the moment and work harder to achieve your goals.

Give roosters a break, they can’t always control their actions- even if they are misunderstood or misguided.

Keep on believing in the goodness of the flock.

There is more good in the world than bad. Sometimes, it’s hard to see if we don’t step away or unplug from our online existences. Go bring your neighbor a pie or a quiche. Spread joy. Who knows, they might invite you in and share it with you. I bet some of you have never met your neighbor. Now is a great time to say hello!





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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve just discovered your blog – found it by reading the article about you in Country Woman. I’m enjoying it immensely! My husband and I want to start raising chickens so thi blog will be helpful. Keep writing! Lorna Ashe


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