Chickens Stories from Our Nest

To Love a Chicken

Orginal Melissa Caughey- oyster cracker in garden

I knew that the day would eventually come.

I buried her underneath a beautiful hosta that still has not emerged from its winter slumber yet.

A few weeks ago, I said goodbye to my last original chicken, Oyster Cracker. It was one of the most difficult things that I had ever done. I guess it is why it took so long for me to write this post.

Since we said goodbye to Oyster Cracker’s sister, last fall she was never quite the same.  One by one over the past year, Oyster Cracker has had to say goodbye to all of her original brooder mates. Six of her sisters passed after living long, happy and healthy lives and she was left to carry on the old girl wisdom to the young whipper snappers. I think Oyster Cracker since day one had been torn with hanging with our family or her feathered one. She loved both dearly and we loved her right back.

Original Melissa Caughey -oyster cracker in garden
Oyster Cracker loved to explore the gardens with me.

Oyster Cracker was the sweetest most caring and loving chicken that I ever knew. She was special from the beginning. A big fluffy yellow mass of feathers and fluffy, she had not problem hopping into my lap each and every morning. Most days, she was there even before I called out to her. In she leapt, waiting to bury into my chest. She could not get close enough. She’d wriggle her head into the notch of my neck and could feel little tiny puffs of air on my skin from her nostrils. We would sit together and so it went for years.

They say time heals all wounds. This one cuts deep. If I close my eyes I can hear her and see her and even smell her feathers that were perfumed with pine shavings. I have loved many chickens and they have loved me back. Love is powerful. It is universal and one of the greatest gifts we can share with one another. Time flows through our fingers quickly. Be sure to tell someone today that you love them, even if they are covered with feathers.


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