Giveaway: 100 Egg Cartons

April 26, 2016

Vintage egg cartons --

I am thrilled to share with you this fantastic egg carton giveaway from my newest sponsor, is a small business located in Massachusetts, but don’t let that fool you! They have everything you need to raise happy and healthy chickens. What I love about most about them is their AMAZING collection of egg cartons for sale. 

These vintage style egg cartons that I am giving away are just the sweetest. I love this carton’s shape and the face on my friends, when they see their eggs in these.  Each of these paper carton’s holds the eggs in 3 x 4 fashion. These cartons can hold from small to extra large eggs and are made from 100% recycled paper.  Retail value for this giveaway is $80. Good Luck to you!

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22 thoughts on “Giveaway: 100 Egg Cartons”

  1. My girls won’t start laying until Autumn but my Barred Rocks eggs will be brown and my 2 Easter Eggers will be a surprise. I can’t wait to find out what theirs look like!

  2. They haven’t started laying yet! I’m hoping for brown, but they are leghorns, and I have seen white eggs from leghorns.

  3. I save Egg cartons for my daughter Holly Travis. She could use some new ones too. Our eggs are brown now but we will have some blue, white and other colors real soon when the ladies get ready to lay.

  4. Could definitely use these! We have brown and white eggs right now. But will soon be getting some more chicks and hope to have some blue or green eggs too.

  5. We are new chicken owners. Our babies are only 2 months so we don’t even have any active layers right now. When they do start laying we will have white, brown and blue layers. Thanks for the giveaway! .


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