DIY: Coffee Filter Wreath

April 7, 2016

Original_Caughey-Melissa-coffee filter wreath

I admit that I tend to keep things. I typically save things that I might just find a use for later on. This has been especially true since I started creating for HGTV five years ago. It’s hard to believe that it has been that long, until I look at bins of “saved” things that somehow find their way into the projects that I do. When we were cleaning out a home of a relative recently, I discovered oodles of paper coffee filters. We didn’t have a coffee maker that used that kind, but surely they could end up in a craft. As I thought, I pretended they were origami paper. They folded into a perfect flower petal.  Well at least that is what I saw. Wouldn’t they make a gorgeous coffee filter wreath?


With a few supplies in hand, I got to work.  The kids were a big help. Putting together this wreath was very time consuming, in a good way. Together, we would sit and fold the filters into petal shapes while listening to music or watching television. This made folding the almost 700 filters a bit easier to handle, kind of like when you knit an afghan. Next it was onto the hot glue gun part. Gluing the petals close together was like working a jigsaw puzzle. I think it turned out even better than I had expected! The wreath was a true labor of love but super simple to make and the cost was under $10.


For the complete coffee filter wreath tutorial, with more step-by-step photos, including the paper folding, please visit my post over on DIY Network.


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