Country Living Fair- Nashville 2016

April 29, 2016

Last week, I was off to the Country Living Fair Nashville. I had a blast speaking about backyard chickens and beekeeping. I got to meet lots of peeps and sign a bunch of my books too! I just adore going to these fairs because to me, it is like a little slice of heaven. The people at the Country Living Fairs are sweet and kind and make you feel good about the world we are in. It is country living for sure, just like the pages of the magazine come to life.



Quilts were draped and blowing in the wind on this lovely fence. Antiques galore were scattered on both sides.


I wanted to take home this shelf full of sweet little things. To me, something was so appealing about this.


I loved this color combination of these quilting swatches from Olive Grace. Her way of combining colors is just devine!


I presented on the main stage on Saturday and Sunday. Here it is in all it’s beautiful glory.


I signed books too!


I spied lots of goodies through these mason jars. Vintage chicken feeders were everywhere! I wish I had brought a bigger suitcase!


A highlight of the trip was meeting Ruthie Collins and being dressed up in this sweet dress from Farmhouse Frocks with boots and belt from The Velvet Road.


My love of succulents was fed! How I just adore miniatures and natural things too!Original_Caughey-MelissaCaughey-CLFNashville3


It was a whirlwind of a trip to the Country Living Fair Nashville as always, and sad to say goodbye.

The good news is that I will be speaking at the rest of the Country Living Fairs this year. So I hope to see you in Rhinebeck, Columbus or Atlanta.

I’d love to meet you and learn all about your time at the fair!


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