DIY Gold Feathers

March 15, 2016

Original_Caughey-Melissa-golden-feather3 gold feathers


Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with the beauty of feathers. Often a rare find from walks in the woods, I always considered finding them good luck and a gift from the world of feathered friends. Over the years, I have collected hawk feathers, turkey feathers, backyard bird feathers and since keeping chickens, their feathers too. Today, I’m sharing how to create these gold feathers.

Hope is the thing with feathers –Emily Dickinson

I love to tuck feathers into the china cabinet or simply in a makeshift mason jar vase. They are beautiful! This year, I decided to fancy them up with a gold gilt. A simple gold paint treatment was applied to the tips. From there, I turn these feathers into something delightful for my friends and family. I add them to presents, cartons of eggs, create pushpins, tie them onto gift bags, adorn baskets, wreaths and more. Mostly though, you can find them “hiding” in sweet spots in my home.

The gilting process took mere minutes aside from drying time. I usually make a bunch to share with others. They often are a bright spot in someone’s day and I love that something so simple can make folks happy and bring a smile to their faces. This year, I can’t wait to tuck these pretties into some of my family’s Easter eggs and baskets come Sunday morning.

For the full DIY check out my gold feathers post in DIY Network. There I share my step-by-step directions for you to learn how to make your own.

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