Giveaway: The Egg Collecting Apron by Fluffy Layers

February 16, 2016
Original_Caughey-Melissa-fluffy-layers4 egg collecting apron
I tuck the last 2 eggs from the morning into the apron before heading into the house.

One of the greatest joys as a chicken keeper is heading out to the coop to collect fresh eggs from the hens. There is nothing like it in the world to remove freshly laid, still warm beautiful eggs from the nesting boxes.  Most times I bring with me an egg basket but since Fluffy Layers sent me this egg collecting apron, I have been hooked!

First things first each morning. I tidy up the coop and tend to the chicken’s needs. I don’t worry about chickens  Oyster Cracker hopping into my lap for a morning snuggle prior to gathering the eggs. The apron helps to keep my lap clean and can easily be tossed into the wash for laundering. It washes beautifully. Once the coop is spruced up and snuggles have been given, I gather the eggs.

Original_Caughey-Melissa-fluffy-layers1 egg collecting apron
Each egg is held safely in each pocket.

The apron has ten pockets-each one holds an egg. I love that I can simply slip the eggs into the pockets. The apron’s fabric is a made from a sturdy thick fabric. I love that each pocket is collapsible. It is almost as if each one is holding onto each precious egg.  The eggs don’t bump into one another and they are kept safe until they are brought into the house. I think this egg collecting apron is going to help prevent me from putting my eggs in my pockets. I can’t tell you how many I discover hours later when I am out and about on errands.


Look at these beauties! I love peering down into the apron on days when everyone lays an egg!

The exciting news is that I am giving one away this week! The winner might just be you!


Enter below to win this beautiful egg collecting apron from Fluffy Layers or purchase one today!

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Fluffy Layers is a sponsor of Tilly’s Nest. I was provided an apron for review. However, the opinions I have shared today are all my own.


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13 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Egg Collecting Apron by Fluffy Layers”

  1. I just ordered plans to build our Garden Coop – can’t wait to get started – the apron would be an awesome win, wondering if I’m getting a little ahead of myself – wishful thinking I could have all those pockets filled before the end of summer – very excited about our new adventure and looking forward to our own fresh eggs. Thanks, Lisa

  2. The natural eggs are the most beautiful eggs for Easter yet. The eggs that are so decorated are very artsy but there is no connection between the layers and the end user and the requirements and physiology of the hens that lay the eggs.

    There is a lady in Concordia, KS that has a life time of a collection of aprons. She doesn’t have this egg collecting apron however. You may have heard of her. Her name is Suzy Haver and she is the director of the Cloud County Tourism. If you google Cloud County KS Tourism her name and website are on the Internet.


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