Chicken Cathedral Coop Tour

January 24, 2016

Tillys Nest- chicken cathedral

I was recently near San Diego, California for filming. They chose to film on this amazing piece of property that featured a chicken cathedral style chicken coop.  I had a chance to chat with Jean, the visionary and creator of the the coop. Not one detail was overlooked and it is a true work of art. Take a peek at this marvelous chicken cathedral coop tour. I think you will agree that Jean is one amazing woman!

Regard it just as desirable to build a chicken house as it is a cathedral

Tillys Nest- cathedral coop1

All of the stained glass and murals were hand done by Jean. Each one is a work of art and took her years and dedication to complete. She had a beautiful vision.

Tillys Nest- cathedral coop2

The coop features stunning hand painted murals. The coop is also filled with all golden eggs of all shapes and sizes. These girls are definitely spoiled!

Tillys Nest- cathedral coop9

It can get hot in San Diego summers, so the coop has been fashioned with an open air feel. The roof provides shelter from direct sunlight. Potted succulents flank the entrance. Throughout the course of the day it was quite magical to watch the sun shine through the stained glass and create colorful dancing light.

Tillys Nest- cathedral coop8

One of the roosters in the coop is adjacent to the roosts. Here he is mid-crow!

Tillys Nest- cathedral coop7

The chickens in the stained glass are depicted as angels. Each complete with a comb, wattles, colorful beak and halo.

Tillys Nest- cathedral coop5

An amazing wrought iron chandelier hangs in the center and is covered in eggs and chickens. Aren’t the four golden eggs on the bottom so darling?!

Tillys Nest- cathedral coop6

A closer look reveals that even the chandelier’s base is filled with small chicken figurines, curiously peering out.

Tillys Nest- cathedral coop3

So who lives here you ask?  Right now Jean is brooding a bunch of new babies but for now it is only these two Easter Eggers.  Yes, you guessed it. On the left is Mother Theresa and on the right is Mary Magdalene.


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