New Hens First Eggs

December 31, 2015

The new girls that we got in the spring finally started to lay their first eggs this week, first was Olive followed by Petula. It seems that this flurry of new eggs even whipped the old girls into shape. Today even Fluffy- our Easter Egger- gifted us with one of her beautiful green orbs.


Olive started laying first. I discovered her first egg in the middle of the coop floor. There it was- mostly buried in the sea of crisp fresh pine shavings. I scooped it up and put it into the nesting box along with a couple of dummy wooden eggs. This is usually my go to secret to convincing new girls to lay in the boxes. Like clockwork, it worked beautifully. The next day I caught Olive in the nesting box on the left.

Olive is caught sitting in the nesting box.

I moved away as though I was stepping over a river of hot lava. I did not want to spook her from the box. Sure enough upon my return about an hour later there was a beautiful light brown egg.  Today as I was tidying up the coop, Petula could not contain herself. She was chatty and walking around with a purpose. I knew she was looking for a secret place to lay her second egg. First she went under a stool. It was too small of a space. Then she tried to go under the feeder. It was too crammed. Then she tried to lay under the roosts, but Oyster Cracker chased her out. Finally, she decided to peek into the nesting boxes.


I left, deciding to run out and do some errands. Perhaps she would lay her egg with Olive’s morning egg. Sure enough, she got it! Together side by side I discovered two of the sweetest henny girl eggs- like two peas in a pod.

two eggs in one nesting box

The only one left to lay her first egg is our new Australorp, Molly, or as the kids like to call her-Tilly 2.0.


Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest


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5 thoughts on “New Hens First Eggs”

  1. Hi Melissa!
    I hatched my chickens from eggs incubated in my classroom last spring. We built a coop at home for them and yesterday we got our first egg ever! Dexie was making so much noise I thought there was a fox nearby. She laid it underneath our raised woodpile. I put it into the nesting box in the coop hoping the others would notice and follow suit. This is all new to us and very exciting! I love your blog. Your Aunt Kathy told me about it. (I am your Great Uncle Ray’s neighbor.)

    • Hi Laura! I love that you hatched your own flock. So sweet that you built them a coop and now the eggs! Yes, putting the egg in the box will encourage the others to feel that it is a safe spot. Wooden dummy eggs help too. I’m so glad you enjoying the blog. Love Aunt Kathy and give Uncle Ray a big hug from me.

  2. Hi! We’re just starting out with chickens. We didn’t get them yet, were still looking for breeds. I wanted the Easter Egger, te Barred Rock or the Orpington. I’m a kid, so do you have any good tips and advice for starting out with chickens? Also do you have any advice for what breeds to chose for first timers? Thanks!

    • Of course, I would recommend you purchasing my book where I recommend my top 10 breeds for kiddos like you! I would say that the three breeds you mentioned are perfect for kids. It seems like you already have done some research, so that is terrific! More advice can be found on my website, so take some time and check it out. I would recommend looking at the posts about getting started. Good luck on your newest adventure!


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