DIY Teak Succulent Planter

October 27, 2015

Tillys Nest- succulent teak planter

As you know, I have confessed before that I have a terrible addiction to succulents. I love all types and find myself collecting them during the summer to integrate into the yard, garden, and landscape. Earlier this season, I was sent this amazing teak carving. It looked like a bowl to me, so I decided to make a planter out of it- filled with succulents of course! It naturally had a few holes in the bottom, making it perfect for planting. You can use this beautiful bowl inside or out to fill with things like pine cones, magazines, or anything else. It is that versatile. But, here is how I made this beauty. It came together in about twenty minutes.

Teak Planter
Succulent Soil
Sphagnum Moss

-Add a bit of soil the bottom of the planter.
-Remove the succulents from their pots and arrange them to your liking in the planter.
-Top off the plantings with soil and then add a bit of sphagnum moss to finish the look.
-Water sparingly.

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

Disclosure: I was provided an assortment of complimentary beautiful teak things from in exchange for writing a blog post. However, the opinions shared in this post are all mine and I have not been compensated for them.


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