7 Commonly Asked Questions from Backyard Chicken Keepers

September 18, 2015
Today I’m sharing some of my most helpful chicken posts with you. Here are the top seven questions that I love to refer to when I am asked to help out with your chicken questions. You might even want to pin this post or bookmark it for the future!

Step by step tips to make this task easier

Tilly's nest- molting
What happens when a chicken molts and how can I make it easier on their bodies?
 Tilly's Nest- backyard chickens missing feathers
Why are my chickens missing or losing feathers? Depending on where the feathers are missing will depend on the cause.
What can I do to keep my chickens happy, active and stop them from picking on one another?
One of the most common issues that can occur in the flock that can lead to a sick chicken. One of the first things every chicken keeper should look for when evaluating an under the weather flock member.
I’d love to share food with the flock from my kitchen and garden. Can you give me some recommendations?
I would like to add to my flock but I’m worried that they will not get along and it will not run smoothly.



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2 thoughts on “7 Commonly Asked Questions from Backyard Chicken Keepers”

  1. Hi I am a new backyard chicken owner. The past few weeks I have noticed feathers missing from my hens on their back at the base of the tail. I now have three hens with this problem. I have been searching on web sites and not finding the answers as to why feathers would be missing on this area. I have dusted with poultry dust but don’t most lice and mites hang around vent area? Looking for answers. Hope you can help
    Thank you for your time. Jay Lafond. Emal. Jtlafond@aol.com

    • It sounds to me like you have a chicken who is pecking at the others. I would make sure their feed has the proper protein content. Be sure they have enough space (10 square feet per bird) with plenty of places to escape (varying heights). Also you could try isolating the bird that is doing the pecking as well as putting chicken saddles on the barebacked chickens until their feathers regrow. I hope this helps.


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