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Have you heard of Dookashi? Well neither had I until a few months ago when the company owners reached out to me to try a new way to manage my chicken’s waste. I must say that I thought that I had managed my chickens’ waste with a good system. This product has made it even better!

My first impressions: I was surprised to see that Dookashi looked like small brown grains. I opened the bag and it smelled just like a multi-grain breakfast cereal. It was dry and very light. I was also thrilled to see that some of the products were organic and also non-GMO. The ingredients are simple and effective: organic probiotics, black strap molasses, water (although the product is dry when sold), and select wheat bran.

Putting Dookashi to the test: The directions had me apply it to clean coop litter after a cleaning. I sprinkled in about a measuring cup under the roosts. Over the next few days I observed. Unlike the products containing zeolite (active ingredient) that seems to make the coop litter more moist and even wet, the Dookashi disappeared in the litter. Days and weeks later the bedding is still nice and dry. Fast forward, it is late-July and we are having a hot and humid summer. I have been using Dookashi in the coop now for over and month and a half and I am still loving the results. More recently, I added it to my chick brooder and then their mini-outdoor run. I am very pleased with the results.

Keeping the Coop Clean: Once a month I do a big coop and run cleaning. Here’s how I do it.  I also tidy up every morning. It takes no more than 5 minutes to remove the chicken poo from below the roosts. One day I left the manure in the bucket instead of composting it right way. I added a bit of Dookashi to the bucket with fresh manure and waited. I was impressed that the odor seemed to vanish as well as flies within a half a day’s time.

Impressions: I would highly recommend this product to all backyard chickens keepers to try as an alternative to the popular products that contain zeolite. I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be using this product in the coop, the run and in the brooders.

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