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 Lavender bees

This week is the peak of lavender season here at Tilly’s Nest. Lavender and bees go hand in hand.

 Tilly's Nest- honeybees on lavenderwp
Purple is a favorite color of bees and the lavender is simply divine to these girls.
Tilly's Nest- honeybees on lavender-003wp
They flit quickly from flower to flower sipping nectar. The lavender is a nectar source.
 Tilly's Nest- honeybees on lavender-001wp
Did you know that lavender is a wonderful pest repellent in the beehive to pests that plague bees?
Bees love lavender. Their predators in the hives not so much.
 Tilly's Nest- honeybees on lavender-004wp
It’s amazing to think that all these lavender blooms are visited by these girls.
Honeybees visit approximately 50 to 100 flowers each trip before returning back to the hive.
Tilly's Nest- honeybees on lavender-002wp
This one has her proboscis out to sip the nectar from the lavender. Can you see it?
I love watching the lavender and bees come alive with dizzying activity.
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest


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