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New Girls

Tilly's Nest- baby chickswp

Somehow it happened. I went to the feed store and saw the baby chicks. Today Australorps along with other favorite breeds arrived. After the passing of Tilly and Dolly in May and April, somehow a little piece of my heart whispered to me, “Get one.”

I scooped up a sweet little girl- a Barred Rock. Our eyes locked and I could feel her imprinting on me. I spoke to her and she seemed to “speak” back with her quiet eyes staring back at me.  The young, twenty-something, sales gal looked at me and said, “I love watching how you folks all pick out your chicks!”. I didn’t know if she thought I was crazy or just plain in love.

Soon enough, a tiny cardboard box was filled with a layer of fresh pine shavings and topped off with an Australorp, Barred Rock and an Araucana. Their peeping was music to my ears.

Today I felt as though a piece of my broken heart was healed by these three curious new friends. I sat and watched them in the brooder quietly before the kids got home from school. I knew they would be just as excited as I was to meet Molly, Olive and Petula. As in the circle of life, our flock is beginning to grow again. Somehow adding these three, our flock feels right again.

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

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