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A Gift from The Hair Potter

Tilly's Nest- Tilly's Raku potterywp

When I lost Tilly a few weeks ago, I was feeling such a profound loss. I shared it with you all and the outpouring of love and support was nothing short of amazing. Thank you!  I received a special message from a woman named Shannon asking me if I happened to have a few of Tilly’s feathers. She wanted to create something just for me. I did in fact have a few collected feathers from Tilly. I picked two of the loveliest ones and shipped them to Oregon.

Tilly's Nest- feathers for raku (1)wp

Shannon takes feathers, fur, and hair from animals that we love and creates one of a kind pottery called raku. During the process, Shannon incorporates the feathers into the pottery to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized work of art.

I am so thrilled to have connected with Shannon and be able to have a piece of Tilly and her here at my desk. I am so deeping touched by her generosity, talent and skill as an artisan.

To learn more about Shannon and her creations you can visit her at The Hair Potter. I know she’d love to make something for you.

Tilly's Nest- Tilly's Raku pottery-001wp
Photo Credits: Tilly’s Nest


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