Giveaway: BriteTap Chicken Waterer

May 11, 2015
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From the pages of my book.

As most of you know, warm weather has arrived on Cape Cod. It’s time to break out the BriteTap Waterer as this is my girls’ favorite warm weather waterer. It even made it onto the pages of my new book. For those of you not familiar with this waterer, you can read more here. Since 2013, our waterer has kept the water cool and clean.

The BriteTap waterer can be outfitted on just about any type of container. Here, we have chosen to use a two gallon cooler, but you can even use anyone of these. Do you have a bigger flock? No problem, a larger container can accommodate more BriteTap waterers.

Since January, I have been using their newest product with my flock, the BriteTap Automatic Chicken and Chick feeder. This feeder can be used for grit, calcium, or even food. It keeps things dry and clean and keeps the baby chicks can’t roost on the top. In my opinion, it solves many issues that I have had over the years with chick feeders and I love that it grows with the flock! In fact, even though they are fully grown, the girls seem to prefer eating from this feeder. Check out this video as Mark, the owner of, shares all the details.
Enter to Win: Click on this link to visit Hobby Farms and BriteTap’s “Everyone’s a Winner” Sweepstakes for your chance to win  one of three $100 prize package. Plus one person who enters by clicking the link above will win a BriteTap waterer ($30 value). You can also take advantage of 10% off your order with the code “Winner”  Good luck!



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