Garden DIY: The Art of Kokedama

May 12, 2015
Kokedama a string garden adds interest.
Kokedama appeared hundreds of years ago in Japan. The art of kokedama is based on the age old tradition of bonsai. Kokedama or string gardens are often created when groups of these assorted plants are hung together to form a beautiful living arrangement.  These pot-less plants are wrapped in moss and watered by soaking.  They add a fun touch to the garden hanging on a gate, from a tree or even along a fence.


I chose a few assorted plants including a maidenhair fern, verbena and peperomia. In fact, practically all plants including flowering seasonal bulbs can be used.
The process is simple and is a wonderful way to put a new spin on gardening.
To learn more or to get inspired, please visit my post on HGTV Gardens
where I share all the step-by-step directions.



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