Dealing with Mean Bees

May 18, 2015
nice bees can become mean bees if the conditions are wrong
I have a cranky beehive. They’re what I call mean bees. It’s not fun when this happens. They are down right nasty. They chase me from the vegetable garden and I can’t go on the side of the property with the hive or they hit me in the head and bat at my face until I leave the vicinity. No matter the time of day or the weather they are just mad.  Surely they’d love to sting me if they had the chance but I’m no dummy and I’m choosing to avoid them or garden in a full bee suit. Note: Gardening in a bee suit is like working in a sauna. It’s very hot and sweaty!
To correct this, this hive will need to be re-queened. So, I will need to try and do that as soon as possible. Cranky hives do happen from time to time and it is important for beekeepers to understand some of the more common reasons why this happens. This week I put together a post for Keeping Backyard Bees on the top 7 reasons why this happens. Please click here to read the article.
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  1. That is fascinating. I'm so impressed with the level of research you've poured into your coop and hive. And how you deduced the cause of the issue so succinctly. Nice work. I'm intrigued to read about the queen replacement process.


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