A Momentary Pause of Henopause

May 4, 2015
Much to my surprise, I discovered our 5 plus year old hen, Oyster Cracker, sitting in a nesting box full of freshly laid eggs. I squatted down next to her and inquired about her role in the box. You see, she had not laid an egg in over 8 months! I thought she was in full blown henopause.


As we were carrying on our conversation, in strutted her BFF, Sunshine. She too was curious. There Oyster Cracker was growling, “mumbling” and flattening herself like a pancake. Was she broody? We both waited.


I think Sunshine tried to talk her out of the box. I sat there too curious. Maybe she was taking over for Dolly in the broody department. Then all of a sudden, Oyster Cracker stood up.


From behind, out plopped a dark, brown, wet egg. She laid an egg!  I could not believe my eyes. This girl came out of henopause and I was there to witness the occasion. As the egg song began, in came the others to bear witness to this event. This event surely was a reason to celebrate!


Cuddles was the first one to hop into Oyster Cracker’s nesting box to inspect her egg. This made me smile. It was nice to feel good in the coop and make some new memories after the passing of Dolly so recently.  Thank you chickens and thank you Oyster Cracker for your egg.
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest



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