Speaking Chicken + Giveaway

If you spend enough time with the flock you will inevitably learn their language. We’ve been speaking chicken for years with our own flock and I share how you can do it too in my book. Recently I sat down and wrote a blog post for my publisher about speaking chicken.

You can read it here.

Chickens are also completely trainable. I cover how to do that in my book too. A great place to start is with treats. Enter to win these delicious treats (good for training) and a treat ball from Treats for Chickens.

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Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest, T4C

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  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one who talks to my chickens lol!

  • I've learned a few words over the last 4 decades. I've noticed the vocabulary changes over the years, based on different conditions in each area I've lived. The most helpful "word" for me to use is "bek-bek," said very fast. It means, "move," and helps me walk without fear of getting tripped by anyone or stepping on anyone. It also seems to infer a higher status on me, as my rooster shows respect by standing back when I say it. Otherwise, he's at my heels.

  • I would like to try the Pumpkin Seed Snacks for my flock.
    collins4128 at

  • My girls would love to try these!

  • I'd like to try the Cheep Pullet Together for my girls.

  • Well anything named "Chicken Crack" definitely deserves a try! I love to spoil my girls =)

  • The chicken toy and Chicken Crack look fun

  • I'd love to try so many things! The nesting box blend is probably my number one, but as for treats I'd love the pumpkin seed snacks. Thank you for offering the giveaway. And congratulations on publishing – your book sounds wonderful!

  • Chicken Crack would be the one to try. They love your products.

  • My spoiled girls would love to try these. Love the nest box blends from chicken treats!

  • the chicken crack sounds interesting! I think the girls would love that treat…

  • We speak chicken too! My kids love imitating our hens' "happy to be dirt bathing" noise. Our hen Rosa looks up into trees and calls, "Are those chickadees my baby chicks?" So cute!

  • I love to talk to my girls and spoil them with treats everyday. Thank you for offering the give-away and the best on your book. It sounds grat!

    Take care.

  • I can't wait for my book to come (for my littles) and we all talk chicken over here!

  • I'd like to try the Pumpkin Seed Snacks.

  • I'd love to win these treats! The pumpkin treats sound good enough for me to eat! 😉

  • pumpkin seed snacks

  • My girls would love some treats!

  • My ladies do love treats.

  • Just bought my first chicks, excited to get my girls some treats!

  • Id love my husband who's a chef yo try and learn to make these for our chickens

  • We just got our first chickens and I'm so excited! I can't wait to read your book. See you at the Country Living Fair!

  • I've gotten free samples from them before and my girls loved it all but would love some more of the delightful herbs for their nesting box. They smell so good I want to add them to my bed too!

  • These packs look great! Surely would enjoy winning.

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