A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens- Tour Stop #9 + Chicken Coop Giveaway

March 20, 2015

I am so thrilled to announce that My Pet Chicken will be reviewing and giving away a copy of A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens today on their blog! Of course, kids and chickens go hand in hand and I love that the owners and employees of My Pet Chicken have kids of their own.

The other exciting news is My Pet Chicken is graciously giving away ” The Clubhouse” chicken coop  (learn more about this coop by clicking on the highlighted link) to one of our lucky readers!

When we first started out with chickens, My Pet Chicken is where we began our journey. I loved that they had a breed selection tool to help us choose the best breeds for us. I was thrilled that they had many breeds to chose from and you could mix and match them in your order. However, the best part for us was that they had a 3 chick minimum order. This is what made keeping chickens in my yard doable. I didn’t have to order a minimum of 25 chicks.

We purchased a very similar coop from My Pet Chicken for our first little babies. Since then, we have had such wonderful experiences with this supportive and friendly company over the years. These smaller coops are great for small flocks and also make wonderful brooders or isolation coops for those already with larger flocks.

But that is not all! Did you also know that the experts at My Pet Chicken have written their own book about chickens? It’s another great one to add to your chicken library as well! Click here for more details or to order a signed copy. So head on over and visit the My Pet Chicken blog to win a copy of both my book and theirs!

I hope you will join us for the rest of our book tour to meet some new chicken friends, discover new bloggers and join in celebrating the release of my first book.

Tuesday, March 10th:
the garden-roof coop
Wednesday, March 11th:
Thursday, March 12th:
Iron Oak Farm
Friday, March 13th:
Gardens & Chickens & Worms, Oh My!
Monday, March 16th:
Dandelion House
Tuesday, March 17th:
Louise’s Country Closet
Wednesday, March 18th:
Chicken Art
Thursday, March 19th:
The Chicken Chick
Friday, March 20th:
My Pet Chicken 
Monday, March 23rd:
Laughing Crow & Company

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fine Print: One random winner will be chosen for the coop. The coop ships to a physical address (no P.O. Boxes) in the 48 continuous United States. The opinions in this post are my own and I have not been compensated to say theses lovely things.

From the Rafflecopter Entry Page: The coop will ships to a physical US address in the 48 continuous United States. Your email will be added to My Pet Chicken’s and Storey Publishing’s newsletters but will never be sold. One winner will be randomly selected. Good luck!


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106 thoughts on “A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens- Tour Stop #9 + Chicken Coop Giveaway”

  1. This is wonderful! We just got four sweet little chicks about three weeks ago and are still thinking about coops. Meanwhile the chicks are getting big! Thanks for the wonderful giveaways this week, I'm really enjoying finding all of these new online resources for chicken keeping.

  2. I am hoping to win this book for my grand daughter. But, the comments I have been seeing from the reviews is that it is a book for all age levels. Looking forward to reading it…if I win or not, it will be added to the chicken library.

  3. My 11 year old daughter would use it to breed her 4-H Iowa Blue chickens. Oh how happy she would be if we surprised her with a new "bachelor pad"! If not the bachelor pad, she'd use it for their babies. 🙂

  4. We have plans to move out of the suburbs, away from neighborhood associations, where we can have the freedom to raise chickens! This would be an amazing starter for us, and it's getting me even more eager to move. Spring, chickens, new beginnings, right?

  5. We just brought home a dozen chickens to enjoy fresh eggs and companionship but are unable to afford a coop. We are raising them in our garage until we can find them a coop. We are in desperate need! Thank you kindly.

  6. I would get chickens FINALLY! We have been researching it (and hope to win the books!) but it all seems really overwhelming. This would be awesome to win and would give us the push that we need 🙂

  7. I am building a new pen for the flock and this would be a great coop to add to the pen. I have also entered into the children's book giveaway so I am hoping to be honored by winning one of the gifts. Thank you for your generosity.

  8. If I won this coop, it would replace my "baby" coop and be the prime place for my tween, teen girls before integrating into the flock. Right now, getting the littles to grass is a hassle, not to mention a logistical nightmare.

  9. I would love this coop for a transitional brooder, hospital or just plain chicken math (Quarantine Division of course )

  10. We just got three new babies, two red sextons and a black australorp, and my husband is going to try and build them something, but it would be wonderful if I could win this and save him some time! He's a full-time ranger for the Army Corps, a part-time student, and a full-time daddy, so his time is very precious!

  11. This coop would be perfect for my new chickens. Right now they are living on my porch and go outside during the day. This would make it easier so I don't have to carry them everyday outside. (but I do love the cuddles)

  12. A home for my girls! As of now I am raising them in a large box in the mudroom. They are happy little chicks as
    I play Mozart on the radio for them. Warm afternoons I take them outside for some fresh air, then it's back inside
    with the radio on. But soon they will out grow this arrangement & I'll need a real coop.
    Congrats on your new book! Looking forward to reading it.

  13. If I should win, this coop would go to my grandson, he is 8 yrs old and loves his chickens . The old coop is in need of repair/replacing to make it easier to clean and keep out predators. I think this would be ideal. Thank you for considering my entry.

  14. If I won, it would go to my kids. They've fallen in love with chickens but want something cuter for themselves. When they get the coop and $ saved up, we'll be getting a little flock of silkies, showgirl silkies at that lol. I think they look silly, but whatever strikes their fancy lol

  15. We have three children and are looking to buy chickens for the first time this year for them to enjoy. This would be just perfect for us to have as we look to keep hens for the first time ever!

  16. My neighbors girls always come over to play with my chickens…I would give this to them so they can get some of their own (parents already talked to me about possibly getting them some)

  17. Your book is a great resource for those of us who want to be successful at raising chickens. This chicken coop is beautiful! I've been wanting to have one for years and we finally moved to a house where we can have chickens!

  18. Your book is a great resource! That chicken coop is beautiful! I've wanted to have chickens for years and we finally moved to a house where we can have some! I'm excited.

  19. I would put some chickens in it!! What a beautiful chicken coop! I have wanted chickens for years and we finally moved to a house where we can have some, so I'm excited.

  20. I would put some beautiful chickens in there! Your book is a wonderful resource. I've wanted to have chickens for years and we finally moved to a house where we can have some!

  21. I would use this coop for my rooster. He is currently living in a "cage" while I get the funds together to figure out another option. He hasn't been the nicest to me, but I raised him and I can't bare to part with him…so going to separate him from my girls.

  22. If I won this wonderful coop, I would use it to start the very first small flock of chickens that I have been planning to start since moving into an old, early-1900s, little, white farmhouse in East Tennessee at the end of last year. The landscape is just lovely and I think this beautiful coop would not only be a good size for the six chickens I plan to order, but would also be a nice addition to the charm and appeal of the property.

    I discovered your blog while looking for plans for a chicken coop that we could build, but I appreciate the opportunity to enter this giveaway for a premade Coop! Thank you!


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