A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens- Tour Stop #4 + Nite Guard Giveaway

March 13, 2015

TGIF! What a wonderful week it has been celebrating the release of my book. Today finds us visiting Donna over at Gardens & Chickens & Worms, Oh My! She has recently relocated her homestead from California to Idaho and has had the most amazing journey. She also is a chicken keeper and has a darling flock of pet chickens. So head on over and visit her to enter for another chance to win a copy of my book!

But that is not all. To celebrate the first week of the book tour, Nite Guard has graciously sponsored a giveaway of 4 of their Solar Nite Guards.

For years, we have had great success with keeping nocturnal predators at bay from our chicken coop and run by using Solar Nite Guards. Through years of deep snow, torrential rain and an array of soaring and dipping temperatures well below freezing, these little independent blinking powerhouses have reliably come on to protect our flock each and every evening. We have had the same Solar Nite Guards on the coop for the past 4 years and they are still going strong! Solar Nite Guards are easy and require no maintenance. We have one placed on all four sides of the coop at predator eye level. They are organic, non-invasive, chemical-free, and install in mere minutes. You can enter this giveaway below. Also be sure to check out the book tour on all the blogs for your chance to win a copy of my book.

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Book Tour and Giveaway Schedule
Tuesday, March 10th:
the garden-roof coop
Wednesday, March 11th:
Thursday, March 12th:
Iron Oak Farm
Friday, March 13th:
Gardens & Chickens & Worms, Oh My!
Monday, March 16th:
Dandelion House
Tuesday, March 17th:
Louise’s Country Closet
Wednesday, March 18th:
Chicken Art
Thursday, March 19th:
The Chicken Chick
Friday, March 20th:
My Pet Chicken 
Monday, March 23rd:
Laughing Crow & Company

If you’d like to purchase a signed copy of my book, click here.

Disclaimer: Nite Guard is a sponsor of Tilly’s Nest but in no way have they paid me for product endorsement. These opinions are all my own and I just adore their Solar Nite Guards.


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36 thoughts on “A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens- Tour Stop #4 + Nite Guard Giveaway”

  1. I worry about neighbors dogs, raccoons and owls. Its a full time job guarding these girls! Whew! And thanks for the giveaway! Would love to try this!

  2. I worry about Hawks and Raccoon's. I also have an Opossum running around the yard at night. We have a small yard and it's amazing how many creatures I have to worry about? I don't think a Groundhog counts..

  3. we have used these for the past year and they have really worked…of course I try to get out there at sunset and lock up the chickens, but I feel a little safer with the nite guard lights….before I had them, I had a chicken snatched off the roost just at dusk! Not since!

  4. We love these, got two a couple years ago, and they are still going strong even at up to 35 below in dead of winter, they help with bears. Thanks

  5. I purchased 3 of the guard lights last year and have not had a skunk in my yard since. Before I had to clean my dog three times. Thanks

  6. I have these on a pole 4 owls & around the farm But I lost all the ones I had on the barn when it burned down last April so I need some more they work great Greenacrefarm@comcast,net thanks Glenn

  7. MY NAME IS AL.V. I have tried 14 different solar red blinking devices In the past year. By far, NightGuard is the best high-tech devise on the market, unbeatable ! And the service and tech support is truly professional ..!! freedomveterans@msn.com. AL. V

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