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Wind Eggs from Chickens

The last few days have been tough. Between Sunday and yesterday, the Cape was blanketed with another eighteen inches of snow. For the last few weeks it seems as though all we are doing is digging out from these one after another storms. The drifts are waist deep and even trying to refill the wild bird feeders is a feat in itself.
On the other hand, the chickens are still laying their eggs. Feeling defeated from Mother Nature, late yesterday afternoon I went into the coop to harvest the eggs from the nesting boxes. As the girls have a favorite nesting box, I typically find all the eggs in one box- the top left. There I discovered three beautiful large eggs and a wee tiny one laid last right on top. It looked like an ice cream sundae with a little maraschino cherry.
I scooped up the eggs and took a closer look at the wee one. It was no larger than a quarter. Someone had laid a “wind” or “fart” egg. These eggs are simply an “oops” in the egg making process inside a hen. I expect over the next couple of days I might get some more of these darling little yolkless eggs until the hen resumes laying normal sized eggs. For now, this little one will be perched upon my windowsill allowed to dry out. This way, I can’t help but smile as I look out at all the snow.
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

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