Snowy Sunrise

February 25, 2015
It snowed again last night. I got up early to begin shoveling and snow blowing the long driveway to the street. It was quiet. A few birds were singing but for the most part, I was alone to contemplate the morning, the crisp air, and the most beautiful blue sky that had begun to emerge after the storm.

Then after about twenty minutes as I headed over to shovel off the coop’s pathway, the sun came out. Rays of sunlight danced on the snow covered branches. It was as if each and every single snowflake decided to reflect the rays of light. It was nothing less than magical. It took my breath away. I stood there in a complete state of awe. As soon as the the moment had arrived, it was soon gone as the sun rose in the sky.
Beauty is around us everyday. Sometimes, we have to pause a moment and look up. It can be found in the most common everyday places.
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest



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