Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Demands from the Chickens

Each and every morning I have gone out during this terribly long, cold, and snowy winter to care for the flock. I’ve had enough. Today, I found this message scratched into their nesting box walls. Apparently, they are sick of winter too. They tacked up their sign- demands from chickens.

Effective Immediately:

We would like to have a good dust bath.
We would like to scratch in the unfrozen dirt.
We request the reappearance of green grass.
We would like a professional snow removal company to clear the 5 foot high piles blocking our view.
We would like to bask in the sun.
W request a coop tidying that includes the removal of frozen poo.
We would like you to de-ice the pathways- as we are afraid you are going to fall.
We would like to drink warm water.
We would like to sleep with the windows open.
We long to catch bugs, explore the yard, and eat an occasional frog!
We demand the return of sunshine.

Once our demands are met, we will resume laying eggs.

~The Girls

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