Demands from the Chickens

February 28, 2015

Each and every morning I have gone out during this terribly long, cold, and snowy winter to care for the flock. I’ve had enough. Today, I found this message scratched into their nesting box walls. Apparently, they are sick of winter too. They tacked up their sign- demands from chickens.

Effective Immediately:

We would like to have a good dust bath.
We would like to scratch in the unfrozen dirt.
We request the reappearance of green grass.
We would like a professional snow removal company to clear the 5 foot high piles blocking our view.
We would like to bask in the sun.
W request a coop tidying that includes the removal of frozen poo.
We would like you to de-ice the pathways- as we are afraid you are going to fall.
We would like to drink warm water.
We would like to sleep with the windows open.
We long to catch bugs, explore the yard, and eat an occasional frog!
We demand the return of sunshine.

Once our demands are met, we will resume laying eggs.

~The Girls


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6 thoughts on “Demands from the Chickens”

  1. Guess our girls are pretty lucky this year. We live few miles west of Grand Junction, CO close to mountains. For some reason our January was quite mild compared to other winters we've been here.
    Was very Spring like here for most of January, even part of February. Then boom, we got winter, not as severe but it's still colder, not nearly as bad as what you've been having all winter. Supposed to snow here today, tomorrow but who knows. I believe it when I see it. The sky sure looks like snow but it's done that too and we get no snow, just rain, if anything.
    Can relate how your chickens must feel after all these cold/snowy weeks you've had up there. brrrrr.
    Ours are out scratching now, seems that's what they do all day when they're not laying eggs. We get about 1-4 eggs a day. One of our chickens has taken to laying her eggs in the yard and hiding them. Hubs goes around in evening after we give them their treat, looking for her eggs, they're usually a pretty light blue. We'd never had chickens before so it's a learning experience. Hubs lived on farm in OK outside Muskogee when he was kid so he had some experience with them.
    We don't have a rooster, do we really have to have a rooster? They seem to be quite content without one. We have 2 bantam hens, are they all mean? They go after our poor little polish hen, peck her head bare. We have some medicine (smells awful) that seems to help. They hadn't pecked on her for while then they started up again.
    Well for your chickens sake/and yours, sure hope Spring starts soon for you.
    Do you have one of those Brite Tap waterers? Do you think they are worth it? Any advice you can offer will be most appreciated. Happy weekend

    • It sounds like us too. January was pretty mild and February was just awful. How neat about the eggs! You do not need a rooster No not all hens are mean. You might want to separate them until her feathers grow back in. They do love to peck at new feathers coming in. Poor thing. Yes, I have a Brite Tap waterer. I only use it in the warmer weather and I do think my girls enjoy the cool water on a hot summer's day. I do have to say that they do keep the water very clean.

  2. From what I'm seeing the children's book looks great. I don't have children but may need to buy the book for myself :


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