Wall Art with Airplants

January 14, 2015
airplant wall art
I love picking up old frames at antique fairs. I just adored this one. I found it at the Vintage Bazaar and I loved that it was already painted this lovely blue. For a few dollars, it came home with me ready to be transformed into a living piece of art. Creating airplant wall art is fun and easy!
I have an ever growing collection of air plants. Yes, just as with succulents, I am addicted to these lovelies as well. Anyone can grow these guys! They are called Tillandsia and come in so many varieties. In warmer weather they can live outdoors and tolerate being inside. They enjoy indirect lighting and thrive on just a simple misting once per week.


With a few supplies, I transformed this frame into a work of art with string.
Then I tucked in a variety of Tillandsia favorites and hung it on the wall by the deck.
I love creating new and fun twists for my outdoor living space. This one just seems to fit perfectly with the weathered cedar shingles of the house.
For the full tutorial, please visit my post on HGTV Gardens.
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest



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