Laying First Eggs

January 12, 2015
first eggs


Finally, as if Mother Nature flipped a switch, all of the new girls purchased as chicks this past spring are laying their first eggs. Despite pullets being born on the same day, they all lay when their bodies are ready.




It first began with Ginny, our Golden Laced Wyandotte. I would find her testing out the nesting boxes. She wanted to lay an egg so badly. She got lots of practice tossing the shavings around onto her back all in her efforts to make the perfect nest!
Then it happened. She laid this gorgeous rich brown egg. In fact she was so happy and thrilled she bragged about it to the others by singing her egg song. So it went, day in and day out. Ginny laid an egg for seven days in a row!
Poor little Panko, one of our Buff Brahma Bantams, became so jealous of Ginny’s eggs. In fact, for the past 2 months, she has spent most days religiously inspecting all the nesting boxes in the coop. One by one, she rearranged all the shavings and sat for a spell, determined to lay her first egg. Yesterday, she and our other Buff Brahma Bantam, both laid their first eggs. Both were long and narrow, almost cone-shaped. The new eggs are sometimes streaked with a bit of blood (see top photo). This is normal, as it takes a bit of getting used to laying those eggs. Eventually, that goes away as their bodies become accustomed to the process. 


It seems now that laying eggs is going to be a family affair for these two. This is how I discovered Storey and Panko today, getting ready to lay their eggs together in the same box. It seems these two are already BFFs just like our Oyster Cracker and Sunshine. That, makes me happiest of all.

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest


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