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Happiness is a Flock of Chickens

happiness is a flock of chickens

After keeping chickens for a while and spending time with them, I think you will realize that there is a great deal that people can learn from watching a flock grow old together. I’ve been feeling so saddened lately with all that I am hearing, watching, and reading about in the world. Sometime I begin to wonder if there is any decency left in this human race that I am apart of. No longer are heinous events limited to those of a certain age, area, or group. They are melting across all parameters of our existence. It’s these times when I try to take time to unplug and remember the simple joys and happiness that surround me. To me, happiness is a flock of chickens.

The chickens help to keep us grounded. Taking a walk out to the coop is a wonderful way to notice the little things. One the way to the coop this morning, I swear I could smell spring in the air. That little bit of “electricity” with each breath I took. The song birds have also changed their tunes. They are those that are familiar to me with the arrival of spring. Perhaps they are mating or courting songs, I can’t help but smile at their jolliness!

As I arrive at the coop, everyone is talking to me. “Good morning!” “Let us out!” “What’s taking you so long?” There they are prancing about back and forth waddling and jockeying themselves into the best position at the pop door. As I lean down to open the wee door, one of them squeezes past Sometimes two at a time go through that tiny little opening no more than 12 inches wide. Like popcorn popping, through the door they go, out and about to greet the day and the world with a lust for life.

Their days are simple. Their needs are low. Their demands are non-existent. They sometimes agree to disagree. Sometimes they avoid one another and other times they take a dust bath together. They fight but always make up before bed. They have their differences. They have their own thoughts sometimes. Yet they are different.

They can agree to disagree. They do not intentionally tease or try to provoke others. They realize that they need one another for the good of the flock.Their needs are simple and easily met. They are happy with  having “enough”. Sometimes,they don’t find it necessary to cross to the other side of the road. They know when to keep to themselves. They respect one another and their places in the pecking order.

Sometimes it does seem possible that chickens are smarter than people. I’ve had lots of people write in to tell me that they’d rather spend time with their flocks than people. You know, sometimes, I have to agree. Sometimes, it’s good to feel like you belong to the flock. No one is there to judge. Unless of course, you come out with a handful of meal worms or scratch. Then somehow you automatically reach super chicken stardom status.

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

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