First Blue Egg

January 7, 2015
As I was busy preparing for Christmas this past week. 
Someone laid this.
Our first blue egg.
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest


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8 thoughts on “First Blue Egg”

  1. I remember our first blue egg, it was so exciting and beautiful, they still are…well they all are but you know what I mean. I find they are harder to peel than the brown ones though. Hugs, Di

  2. We don't know which of our girls is laying our blue eggs, love them. They're so pretty and i love the light blue. whom ever is laying them had stopped in fall but has resumed laying the lovely blue eggs. Happy for you to have blue eggs. Never knew having chickens could be interesting,educational, and fun. Each one has different personality and are so darned cute. The things they do crack me up, love watching them run. Happy New Year


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