Giveaway: Chicken Christmas Ornaments

Today I am so excited to launch this holiday giveaway from the amazing and ever so talented Sarah Hudock of Deck out your tree this year with these three gorgeous tin ornaments. Each ornament comes with a felt backing and matching plaid ribbon. This first ornament is one of Sarah’s very first holiday designs featuring a jolly rooster dressed for the holiday with festive candy canes.

Santa Rooster is also included in this giveaway. How darling is he ready to deliver gifts under your tree. I’m thinking the flock would love him to bring them mealworms, sunflower seeds and other chicken treats!

The last ornament included in this giveaway is a snowy cottage. Dreaming of a white Christmas? Well this ornament will certainly put you in the mood!

Each year, I tie ornaments on my Christmas packages to friends and family. Wouldn’t these be darling for that too? The other neat thing about these ornaments is that they can go outside and are weatherproof. I bet some folks are thinking of getting a small tree for their flock. These ornaments would be a lovely addition. To enter, click on the link below.

Happy Holidays!

Hello friends, welcome! Follow along on our chicken, beekeeping, gardening, crafting and cooking adventures from Cape Cod.

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  • I wish I still had my flock…..I was thankful for their delicious eggs but their super sweet companionship.

  • I am thankful that they are a healthy mix of "mutt" chickens. They make me laugh when they follow me around as I do my other chores.

  • My flock is small right now- I have one hen and one rooster- but I am thankful that they are both healthy and happy! 🙂

  • I am extremely grateful for all the hard work my girls do for me to give me eggs and for Mr Snuggles for taking such great care of his flock !! My chickens make me so very happy I would do anything for them and do !

  • Aren't those darling? I love your idea about using them to decorate gift packages.

  • I'm thankful they're thriving under my newby chicken mama care. Love seeing their different personalities!

    Susan Fischer

  • I only have one elderly hen left, but I'm thankful for her long life. Will be getting her some new friends in the spring.

  • Ornaments are just perfect!

  • I love his web page,I hope I win. But even if I don't,I love chickens!

  • I love the ornaments!

  • Oh I love the art work on these ornaments.s I've a little girl in mind who love to do those chicken chores.

  • I am thankful for a place to go when I need to relax…my girls do that for me.

  • I am thankful that my chickens are so friendly. Every new hatching of chicks brings the possibility of rooster troubles with the small children. So far this year we have been extremely blessed with mild manners and friendly girls and boys.

  • I'm thankful for so much from my flock. Every egg is a gift that I thank each girl for. I enjoy the fluffy butts more than I ever expected, and that is truly a blessing!

  • I am thankful for our wonderful pets and their fresh eggs!

  • I am thankful that my girls have a safe, secure home that they share with me. They are thankful that I buy them mealworms!

  • I am thankful that they keep my mother company in the barn and make her laugh during a cold winter.

  • I'll be thankful the day our county's laws change and we can have a flock! Meanwhile, I'm very thankful for my local area farmers who allow me to enjoy those golden orange yolks. 🙂

  • I'm missing all of those fresh eggs right now, but it reminds me to be thankful when they take their winter break! [email protected]

  • I am thankful for the eggs… but I am more thankful for the joy that the birds bring to me and my family. 🙂

  • Love these

  • I am thankful for the joy they bring my 3 young kids 🙂

  • I am thankful the roosters take such attentive care of the hens. They supervise and determine the activities during the entire day. They sacrifice yummy tidbits of food, show the hens so the hen can eat. Amazing.

  • Love Sarah Hudock Art!

  • I am thankful for my sister's flock 🙂 they makes lots of eggs for all of us!

    Karlotta.the.dark at

  • My chickens give me hours of enjoyment just watching them free range during the day. The eggs are just a bonus!

    Jeannie Palmer
    [email protected]

  • I adore my girls. I have a stool in their run and they love to jump up for lap naps and cuddles. 🙂

  • I love my ladies! The lap naps and cuddles are worth below freezing visits for r me!

  • My girls and my boys are wonderful. They make my morning before i'm off to work and greet me when I come home.

  • Having my "girls" run to meet me when I go outside and then follow me around the yard is great entertainment for our neighbors. Of course, they also enjoy receiving fresh eggs!!

  • I love my chickens. My flock has grown from 21 day old chicks a few years ago to 85+ today. Gotta love "Chicken Math".

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