Minding Our Manners

November 10, 2014

Maybe I should not be shocked and amazed at the way people behave these days both online, on television, or in person. It seems that everyone has an opinion that needs to be voiced (good or bad). Everyone is in a hurry, and simple day to day kindness seems to be fleeting. I’m not quite sure when folks forgot how to treat others.  It seems some have forgotten how to treat those in our great big flock of humanity. Manners are fleeting.

Yes, it’s true we all have opinions about things and we are entitled to them. However, the days of keeping not so nice things to ourselves has disappeared. Not only do people feel they have a right to air things out, but they can be downright critical, sarcastic, and hurtful. Remember, if folks have shared something online that they made or found to be inspiring there is a sense of personal pride. I will never understand what people get from voicing unnecessary negativity and hurting someone else?

If you have nothing nice to say then it’s okay to remain quite. It’s also okay to not have an opinion. The neutral zone is a wonderful place to be.

When did it become okay to go on a witch hunt? Adult bullying happens. It’s not right. It’s not cool. Just because folks are grown-ups it does not mean that things hurt any less than the bullying effects on a child. It is not okay to stalk people online, to harass their every move. To enlist others to continue your plight of harm.

Form your own opinions and don’t believe everything that you hear. Rumors are just that- rumors. Until you personally have had a negative experience with others, than don’t jump on the gossip and rumor bandwagon.

There is room for everyone. Everyone has talent. Lots of people are doing similar things. There is no one way to do things. It’s important to be supportive of others no matter how big or how small they are. Remember, that everyone started somewhere. Everyone is on their own journey.

Take a walk in their shoes. Everyone has their own issues and troubles. We can never forget this. We are all human. We all have these. We cannot forget that simple acts of kindness, even taking an extra moment or minute from our days might make a world of difference to those who are around us, even complete strangers.

We need to find ourselves doing more of these good things:

Providing friendship
Checking in
Hand holding
Lighting up someone’s darkness

We are so blessed to live in this great big flock of humanity. We cannot forget or get distracted from what we truly need in this world. The needs are quite basic when you remove the “distractions”. We all need food, shelter, safety, health, family, and love. Our flock of chickens remind us of these things every single day. I know this to be true.

Make today a wonderful day. For each day is a gift. We can never forget that.

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The opinions in this post are all mine. I’ve had them for quite a while now and I thank you for allowing this moment of digression on this blog. Today felt like the day to share these thoughts. Thank you for listening and being part of this amazing community.~Melissa


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13 thoughts on “Minding Our Manners”

  1. I think you bring an amount of civility to the web that is refreshing. Thank you for sharing. Let's be nice to one another….. it takes so much less energy.

  2. Well said! I try to remind myself that 'mean people' have a back story also, but….that does not give them the right to be mean to others (and it makes it hard for others to be nice to them, creating a vicious cycle)! Simple kindness (or keeping your mouth shut) can go a long way.

  3. Thank you for this! I think everyone should read this. Society has definitely changed in the wake of so much advancement in technology, and not necessarily for the best. It's nice to know there are still people who remember what manners are.

  4. I agree….. to a certain extent lol. There is definitely too much nastiness and criticism being spilled by society in general however I've always encouraged both of my daughters to respect the opinions of others while at the same time being committed to their own also. Gone are the days where people (especially women) had to toe the line and go along with what society (or men lol) dictated. I encourage females to have a voice and have an opinion because the alternative would take us back 50 years.
    However you are correct, pettiness, nastiness and verbal diarrhea simply for the stubborn need for everyone to hear and accept your opinion should have no place in todays society.
    I don't know, maybe I have rose tinted glasses, hoping for the best of both worlds lol I am certainly guilty of ramming my opinion forward online, I think it's because when you talk face to face you can engage a person and converse in a correct manner but when you're online your opinion often gets lost within the constant finger tapping opinions of other people trying to get their point across. Basically, you end up feeling unheard.
    Or have I just made no sense whatsoever lmao.

  5. Melissa, I agree completely and I love your list at the bottom. People can be opinionated and kind while still showing some form of diplomacy or manners. I don't agree with using the vale of the computer screen to voice an opinion in an unkind way just because no one can see you. Your words are as good as gold no matter where you use them. Moreover, what a waste of time to get caught up in negativity online. " Real Life " interactions with family members and in the work place are challenging enough at times. Make a good noise…Being kind doesn't mean being submissive. There is strength and empowerment in silence too. Actions speak louder than words!


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