Hug A Chicken Day™ 2014 Celebration

November 5, 2014
I am so excited to be celebrating the 4th Hug A Chicken Day™ with you all! My how this sweet event has grown into something pretty spectacular.

During the entire day on November 5th, Hug a Chicken Day™, people across the globe will be hugging and posting their pictures to this Facebook event. On this day, take the time to honor your chickens for all that they provide to your family. I hope to be joined by fellow chicken keepers in saying thank you. All are welcome to attend and celebrate. Don’t forget to share with your fellow chicken keepers. Help us get the word out!

Grab your official Hug A Chicken Day Merchandise. There are lots to choose from, t-shirts, sweat shirts, tanks, and totes. Clothing comes in adult and child sizes. I owe a huge thank you to Sarah Hudock’s Lighthearted Art for this year’s design! She is one talented lady! To order & get  free worldwide shipping good until 11/9/14 midnight PST.

Jenny from Pet Chicken Ranch is giving away this sweet henny girl! She is a pocket hen and wants to come to your home! How darling is she?!


Enter below to win and check out her Facebook page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sarah Rosedahl is giving away a copy of her fabulous
Chickens! Illustrated Chicken Breeds A-Z Book!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Luv Nest is excited to be part of Hug A Chicken Day.
You could be one of five winners to take home a bag of Nibbles!


Win a copy of Renea Winchester’s fabulous book: Farming, Friends and Fried Bologna Sandwiches. You can read more about Billy on my blog when I met him a couple of weekends ago near Atlanta, GA. Here is more about our visit from Renea. She is a love! You can also join in on the fun on her Facebook page.


Sarah Hudock’s Lighthearted Art is giving away this amazing Sunflower Welcome tin sign.
Click here to enter


Hug a Chicken Day Deals

There are lots of deals and giveaways happening today to honor our sweet flocks! Many are just for today only, so get hugging and get shopping! There are just too many good deals to pass up, freebies too!

Cody Sanantonio’s Exclusive Hug A Chicken Day Pendant

Flint Creek Soap Company
Check out their soaps, botanical products, and serums.
15% off your purchase and a free bar of soap. Use Coupon Code “Tilly”

From Scratch Farm
Choose from luscious body scrubs, healing salves, and lip balms. Buy three get one free! To redeem the offer, click on the Hug A Chicken Day item then proceed to add your purchases to your cart! Check out their Facebook page too.

Manna Pro Poultry
Lots of treats and goodies for your entire flock and their awesome Egg Skelter too.
FREE treats to first 50 peeps. Click here.

Randall Burkey
A one stop source for all of your poultry needs and baby chicks. Sign up for their catalog.
FREE 3.5oz bag of Happy Hen Treats Mealworm Frenzy with all orders over $25
Must use coupon code “HUG”

Windy Willow Homestead
Beautiful fabric coiled baskets, amazing handmade soaps and wax brittle melts.
Free shipping site wide, 11/5/14 only: Use Coupon Code “CHICKENHUGS”

Sarah Hudock’s Lighthearted Art
Sarah’s amazing artwork comes to life on tin signs, prints, trivets, ornaments and much more. She is also selling this exclusive sticker in honor of Hug a Chicken Day and has a Happy Tin Art Sign.

Treats for Chickens
20% off your purchase on all Treats for Chickens branded products (organic treats, Cluck’n Sea Kelp and Nesting Box Blends) and Non-GMO (Here Chick Chicken, Pullet Together and Mealworm Delight) and Oyster Shell, Diatomaceous Earth too. Use Coupon Code: 2014hug

Coupon code expires on 11/7.

Even more places to enter!

Gardens and Chickens and Worms, Oh My!– photo contest with prize

Aunt Pearlie’s Farm– Goodie Basket

Chicken Fun, and home made goods.– Jar of jam

CORNSiLK– Free bracelet with any $5 purchase. Coupon Code: hugachicken
Thanks for stopping in today and joining the fun. I hope you’ll consider adding this blog to those you follow. The options are all mid-way down on the right hand side of this page.


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74 thoughts on “Hug A Chicken Day™ 2014 Celebration”

  1. Thank you for setting aside a special day to hug our chickens, it's wonderful 🙂 Will be posting pics in the morning. Had to see all the cool items from your sponsors as soon as you posted them. I love my babies, they are my therapy and are all snugglers except for one aloof girl that appreciates the occasional pet while standing close by.

  2. I would love it if the Pet Chicken Ranch created a special girl like my fluffy little bearded salmon faverolles. I have 4 of these ladies in my flock of 43. Yikes, I just made myself count them up. Chicken math. I didn't understand it when I first started keeping chickens but that doesn't mean it didn't happen!

  3. I am 21 years old and I love my chickens more than anything in this world. I have 22 chickens and all I do on my free time is spend time with them. We are all outside free ranging and Mo my golden laced polish roo is on my lap helping me with this free stuff on my laptop!! THANK YOU ALL!!

  4. I love my leghorns, I wouldn't mind a couple more. They are so inquisitive (annoying) and always make me laugh. Thanks for making this day a success. I'll post a pic with me and my fave Leghorn (Camilla) later today. The sun isn't up here yet!

  5. I would like a white Leghorn in memory of my Lucy I just lost last week – or – a Silkie Roo Salmon Faverolle would also be nice. It's so darn cute! Thank you.

  6. I had eight chickens, until last week. I recently lost one of my Battery Leghorn Hen's. Now I have a Brown Silkie Hen, White Silkie Hen, Leghorn Hen, Three White Silkie Roo's and One Silkie Salmon Faverolle Roo. I love them all and hug them daily. 🙂

  7. I have 17 pet chickens now, mostly silkies… including 4 roosters… I am just crazy about roosters. wow… I think on your first hug a chick day, I had 4 or 5…. Thank you for always being there!

  8. Such a difficult choice that would be if I won! But I think maybe it would either be a yellow buff orphington to remember my Trixie who I lost in October 8th, or my light brahma Daisy Mae…would she be the first with feathers on her feet and I would just love a fluffy butt from Jenny and the Pet Chicken Ranch!! 🙂

  9. It would be such a hard choice to make… I would choose either a yellow buff orphington to remember my Trixie which I lost on Oct. 8th or a light brahma like my Daisy Mae ….would it be the first of Jenny's creations with feathers on her feet and I would absolutely love a fluffy butt! 🙂

  10. I missed "Hug A Chicken" Day this year because we were taking care of legal work to officially become the owners of my family's log cabin & property. I love Pet Chicken Ranch! I think Jenny should make a fluffy-faced blue Ameraucana. It would be adorable!

  11. I have 45 hens and we borrow one rooster each early spring, We have a acre of land for them and the girls make me laugh when they run to me. I am disabled so I cannot afford to purchase one of the hens but would love LOVE LOVE to win one, We have a barred rock we call Happy and she is!! We have all different kinds and no matter what I would win I would cherish it!! I Love these chickens!


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